Hi all! This is the area where everyone will want to know more about me. I’m not sure what to say other then my favorite thing to do is read. In my free time if I’m not reading I am searching for my next favorite read. I am a stay at home mom who loves her little man but definitely enjoys nap time when momma gets to read haha. I am big on books that make me feel like I am the lead character, that I am in the book. I love all those feelings! The great writing that those authors put into those kinds of books just amazes me and keeps me coming back for more every time! I am starting this site so that I can chat with people with my similar interest in books and hopefully get a boat load of new lovable reads. Or even new authors I maybe haven’t read before. So thanks for taking time out to look at my site and hopefully you have something good for me to read cause I am always looking! Have a good one!
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