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Pretty Woman

Well I just watched Pretty Woman for the first time in a lot of years. I gotta say I think this is kinda the iconic movie for romance. I didn’t realize how much this movie has so many of the qualities in the different kinds of romance novels we all know and love. It’s almost like a template! I saw so many of the books I’ve read in this movie just with different plots. Not that this is a bad thing I really enjoyed the movie after not seeing it in at least 15 years and watching it I thought ‘man this is why I enjoy these books’ it’s just so feel good. I’ve read many times the “pretty woman” moment or something similar but I never realized that it had such an impact on the book world now.

My favorite line from the movie is when Julie Roberts says “if someone tells you something enough you start to believe them” then follows that up with “the bad stuff is easier to believe”. Well! I gotta say I thoroughly enjoyed watching this and part of that reason being I was seeing so many of my favorite characters in these two. Not always the hooker and the billionaire but the assistant and the CEO, the biker and the good girl, the lawyer and the college student all the scenarios that kinda start out and end similar to Pretty Woman. With all the getting to know you and ups and downs in the middle. Even the skeevy douche!

I gotta say I’m glad there was nothing else on TV that interested me and I decided to chance watching it again. It gave me the feels! The need to find that book that makes me feel all the characters emotions and the connection. I haven’t found what to read that will do this for me yet, but I’m looking hard haha.

Happy Reading Folks!

Ps let me know your thoughts on Pretty Woman…….

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