Where Did I Go!

What has happened to the last few months! I feel like time has flown by and I may be the worst blogger ever since I haven’t posted anything in forever! I promise I am going to do better. I’m going to start posting reviews on all or most of the books I read. Because let’s be honest not all books are for us and some of them just don’t need a review. I’m also thinking of fun ways to make the blog more interesting and fun to read instead of only reviews. So stay tuned I plan to work on this in the coming weeks!

Winter is a tough time where I live it’s cold and snowy and this year it has been a lot of both of those. So with that being said I have had a bit of the winter blues and did some re-reads of my favorites to get me through haha. It was helpful but no reviews needed really since they are my favorites and I’ve read them many of times over the years. So in the next coming weeks I’ll go back and review some of the new books I read and there are a few that were really great! I’ll also add some other fun things! So my question to all of you, if your still reading my blog, what would you like to see on here or even what book would you like to see me read? Suggestions people give me something! Shoot me your ideas!

For now I am off to read a book I just picked up that I gotta say I think it’s going to be a great read maybe even one of the best!

Happy Reading!

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