What do you do?

Alright so clearly I have some catching up to do. I have read some pretty amazing books this past month and need to tell everyone about them however I’m not sure where November went this past month has been crazy! So I’ll get on it, sorry for being so slow. But this post is about book stores!

How many of us have gone into a book store just to grab one thing or even just to browse and walk out spending over a hundred bucks. Every time, every single time I go into a book store I spend at least a hundred bucks! The other day I went out to grab my little man a few books and I couldn’t help myself I just couldn’t I bought so much. That damn place should come with a warning! I wasn’t even buying books for myself and still bought almost a hundred dollars worth of books. Jeeze it’s worse then an addiction, I swear I tried to hold back putting blinders on to all the pretty books and I still got sucked in. I just couldn’t help it, I love books too much! But what do you do? Their just so tempting! To make matters worse I have to go back to get some Christmas gifts and we all know I’ll be sucked in again!

How many times has this happened to you? What’s your crazy book store story let us know in the comments!