How Much Is Too Much…..Sex

In romance novels there should always be sex but when does it become too much? I’d say typically that just isn’t the case hahaha however every now and then I find myself skimming or just flat out skipping some sex scenes because I’m too into the actual story.

 I think when it comes to the romance genre sex is a big part of the story, it helps us to see there connection and feel the main characters passion towards each other. However sometimes an author can get carried away with too many sex scenes. Sometimes it’s nice to fade out the scene or to just state something like “after we got done with our business” kinda thing. We don’t necessarily need to read every time they have sex. 

However times when an author fades out too much can become frustrating cause you were in the zone and anticipating to actually read it! Part of the reason we read these books if for the set up of these types of scenes so by the time they are in the mood it’s dissaponting to not get to read it.  I enjoy a we’ll written sex scene as much as the next reader, please don’t dissapoint us! 

The other time I find that sex is too much, is when there isn’t a connection. When a proper connection isn’t made I find the sex scenes to be over done and not worth the read cause the actual passion isn’t written for us to anticipate the scene. It almost become cookie cutter. But also sometimes they hop into bed too soon, not that this doesn’t sometimes work, but if we don’t even know the characters yet it’s hard to feel any kind of connection. I’m not saying all books need a slow burn, but most of the time we need to feel a connection from the characters to each other before we can really enjoy their sex scenes. 

Granted sometimes a sex scene is just that and if written we’ll it doesn’t matter what’s behind it, it’s just fucking hot to read! 

Some people say it’s all just smut and we read it cause it’s like female porn. Here’s my say on that……… most sex scenes are fucking hot and I enjoy reading them, however the reason I read romance is not only for the sex scenes. It’s for the story, the falling in love, the friendships and hilarious antics some get into. Most all authors in this genre write for the story that is in their head and if that story takes them to the bedroom (which it’s going to, we are reading about relationships and it’s highly unlikely a relationship isn’t going to lead to the bedroom) then they take it there. Really it wouldn’t be a great read if they didn’t! 

As for the amount of sex in a book each couples story is going to differ. I’m not going to lie I wish my life had time for the amount of times some of these couples go at it. Realistically most of us just don’t have time to go at it 3, 4, 5 times a day or all night long my gosh we’d never get anything else done. However it is nice to dream isn’t it hahaha. 

So what do you figure, how much is too much sex in a book? 

Happy Reading!

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