Shout Out To The Sisterhood

Last night I was checking out my favorite author’s Facebook page and found something very interesting, something I think we all need to see and learn from. Now my favorite author is Kristen Ashley, she rocks and she writes so fricking well. If I had even half her talent I would be a happy lady. One thing about her writing is her heroines not only rock but they rock with the sisterhood. Before I go into more checkout this video from her website and I’ll explain my reasoning for this post afterwards.

First I want to point out that I am a hairstylist and I didn’t notice any grey hairs watching this video until she pointed them out and even if I had I NEVER would have thought she needed to color her hair. Who was this person that thought they needed to be so rude as to put that in the comment section. My gosh is that how much hate is out there, that we feel it’s our business to be so incredibly rude over 5 grey hairs how ridiculous. Kristen Ashley put this statement within her sharing this video:

My mother taught me a long time ago, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I feel with the advent of the Internet, and the anonymity behind it, this life lesson often falls by the wayside. It sometimes isn’t just trolls being trolls. It’s the dash off of an opinion without thinking it through first, and what it might mean to the person who is on the receiving end.

This video shares a powerful story of what (and in this instance, it’s most certainly a troll) lay behind the target of an anonymous remark.

What it means to the person on the receiving end.

I agree, how come we forgot these simple life lessons, how sad is this person that they need to post something like that just to make themselves feel better?

I read a lot of books and in those a lot of them say let’s build each other up, the sisterhood needs to unite together not fall apart. We as women are already our harshest critiques. We can find any fault in ourselves and make it into worse than it really is, we don’t need others pointing things out only for us to make them into a bigger issue. We are all wonderful as we are, we need to start building each other up. We need to start helping each other out and pointing out our wonderful qualities so that the sisterhood can grow stronger together.

Right now there are so many terrible things happening in this world (the shootings in Vegas, the rally in Charlottsville, hurricanes, and so much more) we don’t need to be adding more to the mix of all the crazy. So my suggestion to everyone is why don’t we start giving out random complements to the other members of our sisterhood, let’s start building each other up again. Even if it’s a nice shoes, your hair looks awesome, sweet top, just something that may make the other person feel a little good about their choices.

I try hard in my reviews for books I don’t enjoy or aren’t what I was looking for, to not be mean that isn’t why I started this blog. I mostly did it to put my feelings about books in my reviews and that’s for books I loved, liked or disliked. So I hope going forward I can find some redeeming qualities in the books I didn’t like along with the things that didn’t work for me. However the great thing about reading is that some people enjoy things that others don’t, I’ll just try to be nice about the ones I don’t like as much.

So as I said let’s start a shout out to the sisterhood, start giving other women some compliments maybe we’ll stop being so hard on ourselves.

I would also like to give a shout out to all the victims, survivors and families that are going through so much right now with all the horrible tragedies. Our thoughts are with everyone.

Happy Reading!

P.S I checked out the stay at home chef youtube channel (the lady in that video) and it looks like that woman can cook! I may check out a few of her recipes to try out cause they look delightful! If you’d like to check it out here is her website  www.TheStayAtHomeChef.com 

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