Not living up to it’s potential!

How often does this happen to you? I know I get sucked in way to easily, all the time! All an author has to do is write a really good synopsis and I’m done for. Download that baby and start reading only to find out I’ve been duped again! Everyone has their book crack, the thing they love the most and will read no matter what and if the synopsis is good or even great, we one click and download just so we get our fix. But all too often the book isn’t as good as the promise of it was. It’s like a kick to the crotch every time I start reading something I thought was going to be my next fangirling moment only to realize the synopsis was better then the book. 

Our book crack is always an auto buy for us. Some like bad boys, bullies, angst, comedy, mystery, suspense or a combination or whatever their choice of book crack may be. But whatever it is that is your book crack it makes it even better with the perfect synopsis to go with it. What a downer though when you finish the book and think what the hell did I just read…… yes the lead was a jerk face bully but the story was nowhere near what the promise of the synopsis was. It happens all the time to me, I read the synopsis and finally this is what I want to read just to be foiled again! 

I’m not saying the book has to be terrible for me to think this. Sometimes I think yes that was good but not nearly as good as I was expecting. Or even there are times when I’m like ok that book was good but the promise of that jerk face bully (I’m using bully book crack as an example cause I have many book cracks….. really I’m just a book addict ha) wasn’t nearly what I thought I was in for. Which ends up being a complete downer. Lot’s of books are really good even but I was dooped by the synopsis and thought something other then what happened was going to happen. 

Obviously author’s have to write a really good synopsis to draw us in so we’ll read their work, however I don’t like being mislead or dooped damn it! I just want to read the book that goes with that synopsis. I recently read a book that had this fantastic synopsis so of course I get the book only to read the book (and almost not finish) to realize that the only thing from the synopsis that was in the book were the names of the lead characters. Was I ever not impressed because I thought this was my next IT book, my next favorite author just to discover that the blurb I was so excited for wasn’t even the story I was reading. I got duped……. again! So tell me am I the only one or does everyone else have these moments? Also what is your book crack? 
Happy Reading!


Reader Recommendations 

Ok people I want to start a new post for once a week. I can post a reader’s recommendation post and you all can add to it with your favorite reads. That way we can all find new reads to us that we know are good. So if you could contact me or comment in the comment section with your favorite reads so we can start reading eachothers favorites that would be awesome! 

Another shout out to all the hurricane survivors and victims hope all is well with everyone! 

I look forward to hearing everyone’s favorites. Happy Reading!


Holy Sh#!t/ Series Review

Well as you can see I haven’t blogged in ages, partly do to it being summer but also partly due to a bit of a hiatus from reading. I had a hard time finding something to read, I read a few books, not even worth mentioning cause they aren’t worth your time to even read a review about them. But I did read a few decent reads and I will review those within the next couple of days. I did however read a ridiculously fantastic series that I will review with this post. It is a must read. But for now I should apologize for my lack of blogging the last few weeks. Not that there are any excuses but we have been so busy with end of summer here and it was our son’s birthday at the end of August so it ended up being a busy time all around. Meanwhile with nothing good to read it kinda put me off even looking for a while. However there seems to be some epic reads just released and recommended by others that I am going to delve into as soon as I shape up my blog! I would also like to put a shout out to all those affected and to be affected by the hurricanes, I think you are in everyone’s thoughts and I hope everyone is safe and able to ride out the upcoming hurricanes safely! Also a shout out to all the forest fires out there in Canada and the States I again hope everyone is safe! What is with all this crazy terrible weather and natural disasters hopefully they work themselves out quickly! Good Luck Everyone!

Now on to my series review that I absolutely loved and wish I could forget it and reread it and feel the same intensity I did the first time around! Are you dying to know what this series is yet? Well let’s get to it shall we!


Now I can’t even tell you how I found this series but I can tell you I am so fucking glad I did! I have to do this as a series review because it is a total unbelievable mindfuck of a story and I loved every second of it! I feel like a gushing teenager with how much I loved this and what does that say about me that I loved a series about total mindfuckery like this? But I did and I am sure so many would love it just as well even with all the crazy going on. So can I tell you what it’s about……. absolutely NOT this book is best to go into blind and just ride it out, seriously it makes it so much better and intense. I didn’t even really know what I was getting into just thought hmmmm something a bit darker, maybe I’ll enjoy that and started reading and man am I glad I didn’t have any spoilers and you will too when you get to the end!

When you lose everything, you are grateful for the little things you find.

Now the first book I will say many times I was like “what is happening”, “my gosh this is crazy” and then the end explained it a little and I was then like “really that’s all she is giving us no more into this, she’s just giving us that, what is with the rushed ending”? Well let me tell you she gets into it in the second book and it is one hell of a fricking ride. You think the first book is a mindfuck well reading the second is bite your nails, edge of your seat, eye’s read faster I need to know NOW what is happening and going to happen.

People say the things they want themselves to believe. They are saying it aloud to convince themselves only. Their actions are who they are.

The Heroine in this series is off the charts BADASS, I kinda want to be her (maybe in my next life haha). The Hero is, well, kinda her minor (since she is so badass) but really good for her, he keeps her grounded. Sometimes I feel like he was holding her back a bit, however by the end of the third book it is explained why he is the way he is and it makes sense. I could go on about this story but I don’t actually want to give anything away. If you are in the mood for something dark and twisted and keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat read this series it was absolutely fantastic. Not once did I guess what would happen next or who the bad guy was, this writer Tara Brown did this story justice and wrote it so well I am truly surprised by the writing.

 Sometimes the world is just a better place without those people. We don’t use warrants. We don’t worry about rules and laws. We just take away the bad people who are making the world a worse place.

Now the question is where do I go from here? Do I read something else in the dark genre or do I switch it up so I’m not disappointed if it isn’t as great as this series? So many choices! Then there are other books by Tara Brown, should I delve into one of them hoping for the same experience. HMMMM what to do, oh well I’ll find something, there are so many good sounding books all of a sudden! I am looking forward to a weekend of reading that’s for sure! Happy Reading!

But the life I made for myself, figuring out who I was, is the greatest gift I ever got and I gave it to myself.