Spirits In The Trees by Morgan Hannah MacDonald

  This book is a free right now and it was just what I was in the mood for while reading it! It had a few flaws and I had a few unanswered questions even once it was over, but all in all it was a pretty decent read. I didn’t connect with the heroine as much as I would have liked but the story was good and it had the scary factor I was looking for so I can overlook all the other stuff. One thing this author is very good at is scaring the pants off you and she didn’t disappoint with this book. There was lots of mystery and intrigue, ghosts and bad guys, romance and suspense. I really enjoyed the story line.

So what’s it about….. We have Maddy who goes through something horrific and is kinda in a state when her Grandma calls to tell her that her aunt is very sick and she should come visit. While she is there they find the deed to an old house on an Island and they decide Maddy should go out and get it ready to be sold for funds to help her sick aunt. Well when she gets there she immediately meets Doug and he offers to help her out, while the waitress at the cafe tells her the house is haunted. Turns out they both should have listened to the waitress because that house was one scary ass house! The romance between Maddy and Doug heats up but so does the crazy shit happening to Maddy. So the mystery starts and you’ll have to read it to see all the crazy that happens.

Maddy stared. “Right.” She strutted past him toward the front of the house and saw for herself. The front door was standing wide open.

“What the hell?” She planted her hands on her hips.

“What’s wrong?”

“That door.” She pointed. “I couldn’t get it open. That’s why I came in through the back.” Her eyes never left the door as she spoke.

“Maybe you loosened it and the wind blew it open?” She rolled her eyes at him.

“No. I mean the lock wouldn’t even turn.” Her voice sounded angry even to her own ears.


All the scary, mystery and weird shit that was happening was fantastically written. The romance was great too. All the random stuff put in about everything that happened to her aunt while she lived there was heartbreaking but also so much of the mystery it was fantastic to read and uncover with Maddy. There was always something going on in this book without much down time for the reader which I think added so much to the story, it really was written well.

“How are you feeling?” Doug moved a strand of hair out of her face.

“Like I was hit by a Mac truck. My ankles are killing me.” She swung her legs forward and they both focused on the fresh black and blue anklets circling her legs. They’d swollen up almost twice their size.

“How the hell did that happen?” Doug set his coffee aside and lifted Maddy’s foot to inspect the area better.

“He was pulling me down by my ankles,” she answered calmly.

“Who?” A chill ran up his spine.

“I don’t know.” Her words were so quiet he had to strain to hear her. Doug released her foot.

“Maddy, how did you get out here last night?”

“I don’t know, I guess I was sleepwalking. I woke up to someone pulling me into the water. I tried to resist, but he was too strong.”

“Who was too strong?” Although he asked the question, he was afraid of the answer.

“I don’t know who he was, but I do know it was the same man who attacked me before.”

Other then the few flaws, that maybe it was me who missed something in reading to quick or forgot along the way, and few questions I had, the book was just what I was looking for. Definitely shouldn’t have been reading so late at night haha. The story line was really good and I really enjoyed this read and am thinking about doing another scary read soon, this author will be at the top of my list. For a free read it was better than I expected and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for scary, mystery, romantic suspense. Good luck having a good sleep afterwards though haha. Happy Reading!



“Yes, Dear?”

“Did you know what really happened to Raymond Heller all along?” Her grandmother hesitated, with a sigh she simply nodded.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Silence engulfed the car. The limousine driver was outside smoking. Alone. Mary gazed at her granddaughter as if weighing her options.

“I swore on our parents graves never to repeat the story to another living soul. I’m sorry.” Mary looked down at her lap.

“Poor, Aunt Madeline, what a horrible life she lived.”



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