Has Anyone Read………

Hey all I have some reviews coming up but right now I’m trying to find my next read. I am interested in the Beneath series by Meghan March and was wondering if anyone has read it yet. A lot of the reviews say it’s a great series and a totally alpha male experience, but I’m finding it hard to believe amazon reviews any more. Is it just me or does it seem like there are only 5 star reviews these days on amazon? I mean I always check out the reviews but it seems like it’s always great reviews, then I read the book and wonder if it’s just me that wasn’t in love with the book or didn’t get into the story as much as everyone else. I love to give my love to great books but not every book I read is the best book ever, that doesn’t seem to be the case when reading reviews. I get that my like or dislike of a book will differ from others but I can honestly say I don’t love every book I read even if I love the author/ authors writing. I can’t give my opinion if it isn’t honest and I feel like I read so many reviews and wonder are they being truthful, would I actually enjoy this book? I have actually read books in the past because of so many bad reviews because I wanted to see what the fuss was about, maybe I agreed with them and maybe I didn’t but at least I felt those reviewers were being truthful in their reactions to the book. I guess my issue is, as of lately, I have read a bunch of books because of 5 star reviews and been very let down in my reading, so I’m getting a little gun-shy on reading these books. Obviously some people are going to love the book and others will just like it but there are some that won’t and I’m not seeing those reviews any more. Not that I want anyone dissing authors hard work but I pay for and use up my time to read these books and I want to like what I’m reading. This is my favorite “hobby” (let’s call it) and I want to be able to not feel let down after reading something. I mean obviously it’s going to happen but with others reviews it shouldn’t happen as often.

With that rant over! Has anyone read this series by Meghan March, should I give it a go? The seventh book was just released today and it sounds good and it says you don’t have to read the series in order, so I thought I’d start with it and see if I like the writing. Maybe have my next binge read but I thought I’d see if any one here has read any of the books yet. So any idea if it’s a good read?

Happy Reading!

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