Review: All The Sky by Susan Fanetti

  This is book five in the Signal Bend series. It’s another great read but I actually think this story had a bit more depth to it, within the characters, especially Havoc. Havoc is the hero and he is pretty fucked up and he admits it. Cory is the heroine and she is pretty much everything Havoc needs, plus she is a great mom. I did find that she was a little childish when she got angry with the fuck you as her reply to everything. She also was always hitting at Havoc. I say hitting at cause, I mean she couldn’t really hurt him, but it was still a silly way to try to get your point across.

And then Cory flew at Havoc. It was a night of firsts, because he’d never had a chick go quite so thoroughly apeshit on him before. He’d pissed off plenty of women in his time, but usually they just yelled or flipped him off. He’d never even been slapped by any woman other than his mother. And this one was full-on gonzo, fists flying, pushing and hitting, screaming, “SON OF A BITCH! PIECE OF SHIT! ASSHOLE! MOTHERFUCKER!” She seemed a little pissed off.

This was one of the worst ones and she had every right to be angry but she was being angry at the wrong person in this case. She does admit to being like this a lot and she needed to work on it so at least she understood she was in the wrong, just not till after. But other than that she was actually the perfect fit for Hav, cause she didn’t need to be in his business all the time. They work together really well. Also they had some really sexy scenes together. Where Bart had the sexy talk down, Havoc just seemed to have the whole scene down and it was hot!

Havoc was a little bit, ok a lot of a jerk most of the time but I actually think he is a really great guy. He just has a lot going on in his head. He also had a jackass for a father but not the regular drunk, jacks his kid around kinda dad. The cold heartless loved his wife but could have done without kids kinda dad. So he was kinda fucked up from his childhood but doesn’t realize it till he sees how Cory treats her son and how they act together.

“My old man beat me. I guess you figured that out. He didn’t do it angry. Always cool as you please. I never even thought it was wrong, what he did, the way he is. Not till I saw you and Nolan, the way you are. I thought I was raised normal. That’s the kind of father I know. Cory, I can’t be a father like my old man was. It fucked me up—up and down and sideways, it fucked me. I’m hardly human. But I don’t know what being a good father even looks like.

A lot happens in this book emotion wise, not bad emotion. A lot of growth for Havoc since he didn’t do relationships or even any girl besides a club whore. And he fought himself left and right about being with Cory but he soon figures out he needs her. She fought it a bit also but in a different way, she didn’t want to get hurt. This story was a very thrilling ride and I think that next to Bart this is my favorite and it may even pass Bart’s story because of everything that happened in this book. When these two were just being the two of them with no bullshit between them, they were actually very playful and it was fun to read. I really enjoyed these two together all of it actually.

 “Pruning back the rose bushes. Don’t come in here. There are thorns everywhere.” He ignored her and came in, bending down to pull her up. “You shouldn’t be crawling around on the ground.” “Hav, it’s not the seventeenth century. Everybody knows that normal activities won’t hurt the baby. Shit, some women, like, do marathons when they’re eight months pregnant. I’m fine.” He kept pulling, until she gave in and let him lead her onto the grass. “Those women are stupid bitches and not mine. Look at your arms.” She snatched her hands out of his grip. “Barely scratches. I’ll wash up when I’m done. You need to chill out, Hav. The bean and I are fine. He’s been doing somersaults today. He feels great. Very peppy.”

They could be really cute together especially since the could fight with extreme emotion also. As you can tell I love this series it is just was I was looking for! I am definitely a fan and recommend this series so far. Lots of action, suspense, feels, steam, it has it all. That being said I think I am going to take a few book break and read a few other books then come back. Cleanse my palate a little so I don’t get too lost in the writing. However that being said I really want to pick up the next book to see what happens next! I think some pretty crazy times are up ahead so I want to have the time and the head space for what happens next, I think shit is going to hit the fan! Hopefully I’m ready for it……..Happy Reading!

Havoc had known the kind of man he was. A man for whom his love for his family was everything. The man he’d once been had not wanted any of this—no woman, no children, no family but the Horde. The profound changes he’d undergone made no sense or rhyme or reason. But Cory had changed everything. Loving her had changed everything . She had healed scars he’d forgotten about, whose presence had shaped him in ways he had not even been aware of before her. He’d thought he’d been happy. He’d been wrong. Now, even as the club contended with another difficult time, another great enemy, Havoc’s life was brighter and bigger and freer than he’d ever thought it could be, like a long, open road canopied by an infinite sky. He would not fail her. He would not fail their family.



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