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Review: In Dark Woods by Susan Fanetti

  This is a novella in the series. Do Not Read this until you have read Alone On Earth! I can not believe how sad this book was, I cried through damn near the whole book. This one goes back to Isaac and Lilli and I can’t tell you ONE damn thing about it without ruining the whole fricking story but it was fantastic. I honestly was a blubbering mess! I loved it though, it was just so real. By this point I feel like these people are my friends, that I am a part of their group (without one of the hot bikers for myself haha). I feel every heartache and break that they feel. I actually find myself going to talk about them as if they are real people, this is just crazy. It’s one of the reasons I love these kinds of series but also one of the reasons I hate it because when they hurt, I hurt. And there was a lot of hurt in this book, too much, but that being said it does end on a happy note so that’s an upside. Just beware of a lot of work to get to the happy but it’s worth it! I’m sitting here trying to find something else to add but I can’t without ruining the whole thing so I’m done it’s short but I guess it is a novella and a great addition to the series, a heart hurting, eyes red addition but a great one none the less. Grab this series folks I love it! Happy Reading!

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