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Review: Alone On Earth by Susan Fanetti

  This book! My gosh this book! Bart is my favorite character in this series! I have loved him from the very first book and knew I would love his book and I did. I just love his character the bad ass biker/ nerdy man, this just did it for me. Plus he’s so caring and also the best dirty talker in this series so far. Just a full package this man was. Phew, made the story even better! I can’t even with this book it was just so good, if your going to choose just one book of Susan’s to read this one could be it for you. There was everything in this book great characters, great writing, drama, emotions, hard decisions, steamy moments, and action. Susan has a way of writing that you just get into the story and you FEEL everything. I felt whatever the characters were feeling, I was on the edge of my seat from the very beginning. I was so lost in the story I did not want it to end! I miss Bart now that it’s over. He had so many hard decisions to make, he does seem to get the wrong end all the time. And by the time it’s over he made a decision that was so good for the club but really not great for himself other than for getting Riley out of all of it.

He was a geek with a sarcastic sense of humor. And he was amazing in bed. He paid attention to her. She could feel him really noticing her body and her responses. He could be gentle, and he could be a little rough. He could take her over, and he could let her have her way.

Riley was a little sad with her life, she didn’t do anything for herself and never even stood up for herself until after she got back from Signal Bend. She is 26 years old and doesn’t even really know who she is. Being in Signal Bend even from the first few hours she starts to find herself a little bit. You could feel her frustration but also her growth with standing up for herself. I felt sorry for her but then I kinda felt she could act like a brat when she wanted her way but didn’t want to do anything to get her way. She did grow into standing her ground and it was written so you could feel the growth and didn’t end up hating her for it. She was a good choice for Bart he didn’t need someone who was super hard-core, he needed sweet.

Until recently, except for the hours of sleep, she’d hardly ever been without a companion of one sort or another. And still she’d been completely alone. And now she wasn’t. Now Bart was with her. What he did didn’t matter, because who he was was perfect for her. He was hers.

They both had a lot of pain but not because of anything in particular mostly just many small things that end up causing you pain, however that being said they weren’t downers and they were able to realize that they weren’t alone anymore once they found each other. It was actually such a great story to read! There was even some humor in this one at many points and it was so well placed and totally the way of Bart’s character.

She stood at the side of the pool and slid her jeans off. She did hesitate a bit when she got to her underwear—really? They were going to do this? Outside—naked? And then Bart came streaking across the lawn, cannonballing into the pool. Yep. Dork.

One thing I love about this series is that it is a continuation of the same story line but with different characters. You aren’t left on a cliffhanger per say but you know the next book is going to delve deeper into the story line but with a different couple so you never feel like your missing the previous story or characters. I am in love with this series. It sucks that I can’t tell you what happens in the book cause it would ruin the whole experience for you if you want to get into the series or haven’t read to this point yet. I really don’t want to give away spoilers for this series it is best read not knowing. The series it full of ups and downs, twist and turns, action, romance and just beautiful writing. I recommend these for sure, they aren’t for someone who is queasy with violence and crazy action but a really great read for someone who does enjoy a great MC biker romance with all the crazy added in! Pick up your copy now and enjoy the ride. Happy Reading!

But here, in this quiet, small space, he and Riley were the only people in the world. He was the only person in the world for her, and she was for him. They didn’t have to share each other, their lives, with anyone else. No demands. No expectations. No disappointments. No pasts. No jealousies. They were alone, together.


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