Review: Into The Storm by Susan Fanetti

  This is the third book in the Signal Bend series. It is about Showdown and Shannon. If you have read the first two (and I suggest you should) you would already know about Show and his awful pain and shitty things he has been through. His poor poor daughter, I could feel his pain in Lilli and Isaac’s story but this book puts a new definition to his pain. I think that this book is a bit more on the light side, but I think every character needed a reprieve from it all. Plus Susan had to deal with Show’s pain and I think she did and amazing job with this.

Show’s first impulse was to refuse, but he took a beat and considered. Ten months had passed, and he’d barely noticed. Ten months since he’d lived. His memory of those last months was almost nonexistent, just stray scenes, almost all of them horrific—Daze’s waxy, lifeless body on a gurney in a post-op room at the hospital. Holly’s rage.

I’m not sure I really like Shannon very much. By the end I liked her for Show because he had patience to deal with her but she came across as very selfish to me. Even with her big reveal of her history I felt she was still acting very selfish. She almost seemed snobbish at times. By the end though she did seem to come out of her shell a little and wasn’t so ‘bitchy’ and stuck up her own ass so much.

As for the story it was pretty good with twist and turns but nothing too extreme action wise which turned out to be good for all the characters. The next book is Bart’s book and I think his will be my favorite and the most I’ve looked forward to so far. So I am leaving my review short because I want to move on to more Signal Bend. Happy Reading!

Shannon had come into his life when he was lost in a storm of grief and loss, when the unendurable pain of it had driven him to hollow numbness. And she, too, had been empty, in her own way. They filled each other up. This. This was love. This was forever. It hadn’t been too late.

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