Review: Move the Sun and Behold the Stars by Susan Fanetti

    Susan Fanetti is a very talented author! I am doing a double review for these two books, the reason is because the main characters are the same in both these books and for you to go into this couples lives I can’t actually tell you much without giving away the story. I will give you a warning that these books may not be for everyone, I loved them and recommend them but they are very hardcore and Susan does not leave any area untouched when it comes to violence. So for this reason I say the second book in particular is not for everyone. That being said I think every scene was needed, every feeling that was pulled from the reader (and the characters) was what made this book so fantastic. Apparently a lot of people had a hard time with Susan’s writing to the extremes like she did, she even received hate mail and what not. She says this on her website and I have to agree with it:

Here’s a thing that’s been true since I started writing bikers all the way back in fanfic: I don’t want to romanticize the outlaw MC world. I don’t want it just to be a backdrop for Bad Boys™. I’m not trying to write “heroes” and “heroines” (you’re never going to see me do the “H/h” thing). My leads are people I like—no, people I love—always, but when I write outlaws, they’re going to do bad things. Hopefully, they’ll do them for reasons they see as right, and they’ll want to, and try to, atone when it goes wrong, but they’re going to cross over into the dark—and I don’t just mean they’ll be assholes. I hope they’re not assholes, in fact. Even though they torture. And kill.

Now I may want to read about the sweet biker or the biker club that isn’t as hardcore as others but when that is the case I won’t look Susan Fanetti’s way, which is just fine because her stories are worth the heartache, the feels, the tears, and the hardcore badasses! I get that when we read a romance we don’t want our hearts to hurt like they did in Behold The Stars, or even to read something so controversial but if there wasn’t this type of variety we would just be reading the same story over and over again. For instance I will not read a book where the main character dies and there is no happily ever after to be found but that is my choice and I will not even go into a book to read it knowing that is going to happen, so maybe people who don’t want to read descriptive violence should not read this series. I mean they are bikers haha

Now with that bit of a rant out-of-the-way! These characters are really well written. Lilli is bad ass and deserves accolades for being as strong as she is. Really I don’t think I’ve read a heroine as well-developed as Lilli is. She is ex-army and super smart and in Signal Bend to “get rid of” a certain target. Then you have the President of the Night Horde MC Isaac, who is also bad ass and gets the ‘job’ done when he needs too. I didn’t necessarily feel the connection between these two in the very beginning, maybe not even the immediate attraction like you do in some books, for me this was a slow build up even though they were having sex way before I felt their connection (if that makes any sense). I also felt that Isaac could get a little sappy sometimes, and tried to shelter Lilli for whatever reason, because she could have gotten things done way better on her own and probably without so much trouble brought her way. But Lilli had her faults too with the whole I’m doing this whether you like it or not attitude. But both of these things, that may have bothered me at the time, make me realized, that is what makes them feel so real.

 She was giving him an answer he hadn’t expected. She was pulling herself into the fight. His first inclination was to reject that, but he realized—she was skilled, smart, and experienced. She was more of all of that than he was. He needed more than her opinion. He needed her.   

Did I want all the added “violent” scenes, not so much, but that’s because some of it was really hard to read and the emotion that it evoked in me was hard to read through. However, did it add to the story, absolutely, was it something you could see happening in the situation, yes, did it portray the characters/story line, again absolutely. Every part of this story was needed to get to the end, if it weren’t the connection between the two characters could have been lost or their strengths would have been lost or not portrayed as strong as they actually are. Towards the end tears were just leaking out of my eyes because I could feel everything that every character was feeling. Not only is that a sign of great writing but also of a great story! I highly recommend! I know some of my review doesn’t make sense but read the books and it will, some is rambly but that’s because you should go in completely blind, and I haven’t told you much, but what I do have to say is that it is worth your time. I am so glad I jumped onto the Susan Fanetti train cause I am now on for the full ride, I plan to read everything she has written. Get yourself a copy and enjoy it for yourself!

 He had fought for what mattered. The town had fought. Lilli had fought harder than anyone. They had sacrificed and bled, but they had not given up. Against seemingly infinite odds, they had persevered. And they had won.

Happy Reading!

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