I’ve Decided…….

I spent most of my day looking and found the book I am going to read and it looks like it’s going to scare the pants off me! It turns out it’s a free read too so that’s even better! Years ago I read SANDMAN (The Thomas Family Book 1) and NIGHTSCREAM (The Thomas Family Book 2) by Morgan Hannah Macdonald and remember them being so scary real that I had to take a break from the writing, now years later there are more books in the series and this author has other books also. So I am going to try out her first book in her other series because it seems to have so many scary factors and that’s what I’m looking for today. She also says that in all her series they don’t have to be read in order so you can start anywhere if you like. I remember really enjoying the writing so I’m looking forward to starting SPIRITS IN THE TREES (The Spirits Series Book 1) this evening. Wish me luck hopefully I can sleep tonight haha. Happy Reading!


I’m Looking for Something……..

I have a bunch of reviews to post but right now I have a certain craving for a book. I want something kinda scary but still in the romance realm. I want a steamy, suspense, kinda scary mystery romance. I read a few good ones a few years ago and can always finish those series off but I’m wondering if maybe my readers here have any really good recommendations for me! So please leave a comment with your recommendations and until then I’ll continue looking at the authors I enjoyed a few years ago. Happy Reading!




Book Review: Burned Promises by Willow Winters

  Well this is a little freebie that you could read in a few hours. It wasn’t great and it wasn’t awful, it was just something to pass the time while reading. It has a bit of a second chance romance feel to it which is always kinda sweet. I wasn’t really into the female lead, she was a bit of a judgmental square. I mean in this day in age is pot or even selling pot really that big of a deal. That being said how did the male become such a mogul buy selling pot then becoming the supplier, that wasn’t ever address, just that he was feared because of it, which is a bit unbelievable when it wasn’t described to us. He is definitely an alpha male which is always hot but kinda had a bad temper to go with it. The story line was pretty slow for such a short book for me. I didn’t hate this book but I’m glad it was a freebie. I think it needed a bit more depth to it to go with the story it just felt a little lost to me. This book was a recommendation for freebies and I downloaded it because the blurb sounded good but it didn’t really live up to the blurb. And if I had to read ‘my sweetheart’ one more time in such a short book I think I was going to scream. This book has the whole good girl/bad boy aspect. It was a decent read if you’re looking for a freebie to read in a short amount of time check it out just don’t have very high expectations. I think the book had real potential and could have been better if it was fleshed out a bit better and maybe a bit longer to fill in all the unanswered questions. Happy reading!

I’ll never forget the look in her eyes. How the sight of me took the breath from her and all her pain seemed to wash away. There was a spark between us. I know I’m not making that shit up in my memory cause it stayed with me all these years. A heat burned between us as we locked eyes. 


Review: The Broken Puppet by Amo Jones

  Hmmmmmm what can I say about this book? I was super excited about reading this and unfortunately it fell a bit flat for me. I loved the first book  The Silver Swan, and was so excited to learn more about this F’ed up world, but there really wasn’t any answers just more questions. I anticipated this book would build the Elite Kings up and we would learn so much but that never really happened. At the end of the previous book Madison had run away and I thought YES now we’ll get our answers but nope it was a bit choppy her being away and then she just up and came back when she was told but with the mentality that she was going to play their game but get her answers.

Yes. I don’t trust them at all. Though I’m probably dreaming, I’ve never gone down without a fight, so it’s my turn to start playing the dealer, and these boys are about to become my pawns.

Madison says this but never lives up to it. And when she asks questions she never gets an answer and just leaves it at that. It’s super frustrating, she just lets these people walk all over her and play her but doesn’t do anything about it, but she’s supposed to be this bad ass bitch and that never really comes through. Also “the book” situation is super frustrating because she has a lot of the answers she needs in this huge book and has read like 11 pages! She was gone for 2 months moping and being critical about why she left but instead of reading the book in full to get a lot of her answers she just lets “the book” sit there. I actually really enjoyed Madison in the first book this book took a whole new turn for me and I’m not really enjoying her as much.

“Trust no one. Fear no one. Fuck everyone,” 

Great moto to live by if she actually stuck by it! All this aside the story drew me in and I wanted to find out what happened next but was a little disappointed with the lack of answers and even story line really. It just kinda ran in circles. There is clearly going to be another book since this ended on another cliffy (which I hate by the way), however I’m a little apprehensive to read it. The reason for this is I think it’s going to end up an information dump, she could have answered some of the questions that NEED answers in this book so we would have something to look forward to in the next but so far this book almost seemed like filler. I think I should have stuck with my normal routine of waiting for all books in a series to be out then binge read them because right now I’m feeling pretty let down. There were a few discoveries that go a long way into figuring out what is happening, and it’s a sign of good writing when you can’t guess, and right now I have no idea what is going to come of all of this. However I do look forward to the last and final book so we can get the answers I just hope it isn’t an info dump with too much going on that we have a hard time understanding it all. At the end the author has this to say:

 Tacet a Mortuis (Whispers from the Dead), the final book told from Madison, and now, Bishop, coming soon.

I think it will be good to get into Bishop’s head a bit in the next one, maybe some insight into his crazy will give us some answers haha.

Now one thing that I read in reviews before I read the first book was that it was a little unbelievable with them being in high school and during the first one I kinda enjoyed that they were, it just gave it a bit more of a “fun” factor. Not so much in this one, to me it was a little over the top that Bishop is this high powerful person who is in high school and it’s not just the school he’s running but he is “so much more”. Not that we have those answers yet because that’s all glossed over. If you’ve read the Silver Swan then I suggest you read this one too but I think it’s more of a lead into the final book so don’t go in thinking you’ll learn much. There are some pretty big reveals that you’ll need to know going into the third book. I like the story line and am interested in the third book NOW so I can have all my questions answered. I would recommend this series, it is interesting but this book didn’t have me on the edge of my seat yelling that I love it as much as the first book did. Happy Reading!

Here is my review for The Silver Swan if you missed it!

new release

It’s Finally Live

  Today was the release date, FINALLY, for the conclusion to this series! I have been waiting forever for this book and am so excited it’s finally out. Check out my review for Book Review: A Hidden Legacy Series by Ilona Andrews. I loved the series so far and can’t wait to read the third book. Pick up your copy today or if you haven’t already, start at the beginning and enjoy yourself cause it’s packed full of action and great writing. I am off to finish the book I’m on and grab up my own copy! I have a few reviews coming up too. I didn’t get much reading time last week but I read a few and this week hope to make up for it! Hope everyone else’s reading is going well. Happy Reading!

Here’s the reading order and links for the books if you haven’t started the series yet!

Burn for Me: A Hidden Legacy Novel

White Hot: A Hidden Legacy Novel

Wildfire: A Hidden Legacy Novel


Review: All The Sky by Susan Fanetti

  This is book five in the Signal Bend series. It’s another great read but I actually think this story had a bit more depth to it, within the characters, especially Havoc. Havoc is the hero and he is pretty fucked up and he admits it. Cory is the heroine and she is pretty much everything Havoc needs, plus she is a great mom. I did find that she was a little childish when she got angry with the fuck you as her reply to everything. She also was always hitting at Havoc. I say hitting at cause, I mean she couldn’t really hurt him, but it was still a silly way to try to get your point across.

And then Cory flew at Havoc. It was a night of firsts, because he’d never had a chick go quite so thoroughly apeshit on him before. He’d pissed off plenty of women in his time, but usually they just yelled or flipped him off. He’d never even been slapped by any woman other than his mother. And this one was full-on gonzo, fists flying, pushing and hitting, screaming, “SON OF A BITCH! PIECE OF SHIT! ASSHOLE! MOTHERFUCKER!” She seemed a little pissed off.

This was one of the worst ones and she had every right to be angry but she was being angry at the wrong person in this case. She does admit to being like this a lot and she needed to work on it so at least she understood she was in the wrong, just not till after. But other than that she was actually the perfect fit for Hav, cause she didn’t need to be in his business all the time. They work together really well. Also they had some really sexy scenes together. Where Bart had the sexy talk down, Havoc just seemed to have the whole scene down and it was hot!

Havoc was a little bit, ok a lot of a jerk most of the time but I actually think he is a really great guy. He just has a lot going on in his head. He also had a jackass for a father but not the regular drunk, jacks his kid around kinda dad. The cold heartless loved his wife but could have done without kids kinda dad. So he was kinda fucked up from his childhood but doesn’t realize it till he sees how Cory treats her son and how they act together.

“My old man beat me. I guess you figured that out. He didn’t do it angry. Always cool as you please. I never even thought it was wrong, what he did, the way he is. Not till I saw you and Nolan, the way you are. I thought I was raised normal. That’s the kind of father I know. Cory, I can’t be a father like my old man was. It fucked me up—up and down and sideways, it fucked me. I’m hardly human. But I don’t know what being a good father even looks like.

A lot happens in this book emotion wise, not bad emotion. A lot of growth for Havoc since he didn’t do relationships or even any girl besides a club whore. And he fought himself left and right about being with Cory but he soon figures out he needs her. She fought it a bit also but in a different way, she didn’t want to get hurt. This story was a very thrilling ride and I think that next to Bart this is my favorite and it may even pass Bart’s story because of everything that happened in this book. When these two were just being the two of them with no bullshit between them, they were actually very playful and it was fun to read. I really enjoyed these two together all of it actually.

 “Pruning back the rose bushes. Don’t come in here. There are thorns everywhere.” He ignored her and came in, bending down to pull her up. “You shouldn’t be crawling around on the ground.” “Hav, it’s not the seventeenth century. Everybody knows that normal activities won’t hurt the baby. Shit, some women, like, do marathons when they’re eight months pregnant. I’m fine.” He kept pulling, until she gave in and let him lead her onto the grass. “Those women are stupid bitches and not mine. Look at your arms.” She snatched her hands out of his grip. “Barely scratches. I’ll wash up when I’m done. You need to chill out, Hav. The bean and I are fine. He’s been doing somersaults today. He feels great. Very peppy.”

They could be really cute together especially since the could fight with extreme emotion also. As you can tell I love this series it is just was I was looking for! I am definitely a fan and recommend this series so far. Lots of action, suspense, feels, steam, it has it all. That being said I think I am going to take a few book break and read a few other books then come back. Cleanse my palate a little so I don’t get too lost in the writing. However that being said I really want to pick up the next book to see what happens next! I think some pretty crazy times are up ahead so I want to have the time and the head space for what happens next, I think shit is going to hit the fan! Hopefully I’m ready for it……..Happy Reading!

Havoc had known the kind of man he was. A man for whom his love for his family was everything. The man he’d once been had not wanted any of this—no woman, no children, no family but the Horde. The profound changes he’d undergone made no sense or rhyme or reason. But Cory had changed everything. Loving her had changed everything . She had healed scars he’d forgotten about, whose presence had shaped him in ways he had not even been aware of before her. He’d thought he’d been happy. He’d been wrong. Now, even as the club contended with another difficult time, another great enemy, Havoc’s life was brighter and bigger and freer than he’d ever thought it could be, like a long, open road canopied by an infinite sky. He would not fail her. He would not fail their family.



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Review: In Dark Woods by Susan Fanetti

  This is a novella in the series. Do Not Read this until you have read Alone On Earth! I can not believe how sad this book was, I cried through damn near the whole book. This one goes back to Isaac and Lilli and I can’t tell you ONE damn thing about it without ruining the whole fricking story but it was fantastic. I honestly was a blubbering mess! I loved it though, it was just so real. By this point I feel like these people are my friends, that I am a part of their group (without one of the hot bikers for myself haha). I feel every heartache and break that they feel. I actually find myself going to talk about them as if they are real people, this is just crazy. It’s one of the reasons I love these kinds of series but also one of the reasons I hate it because when they hurt, I hurt. And there was a lot of hurt in this book, too much, but that being said it does end on a happy note so that’s an upside. Just beware of a lot of work to get to the happy but it’s worth it! I’m sitting here trying to find something else to add but I can’t without ruining the whole thing so I’m done it’s short but I guess it is a novella and a great addition to the series, a heart hurting, eyes red addition but a great one none the less. Grab this series folks I love it! Happy Reading!