Mick: CAOS MC by KB Winters

  Hmmmm what to say about this book. I am not much of a novella person, unless its part of a series that adds to the story. But this was an MC romance and I figure anything MC is worth reading (I figure I was supposed to be a biker bitch in my life haha). This probably could have been a great book if it was longer and fleshed out but it kinda lost it’s build up with being so short. The characters were there and the story line was too but it was a bit lackluster cause it was so short. It also was a bit choppy and skipped time throughout a chapter without any break ups to identify a time lapse  and was a bit confusing. However it did have a good story for such a short book I personally just wish it was longer. This author has good potential with her witting if she built it up to a full story. I should know better than to read novellas but this synopsis was intriguing and I felt it would be a good read. It wasn’t bad I just felt the writing was so good it should have been longer and lived up to her story building. Maybe she writes longer stories and this was just a short story to get into her first MC series and that would be great. I haven’t read anything from this author before and wouldn’t disregard her but the novella was just a bit too short for me. I felt this story had a great premise and could have been so much more if it was longer. I don’t want anyone to feel like this story isn’t worth reading, if you enjoy quick novella reads then this is for you. It does have some great sex scenes so that’s a bonus to haha. This review is short but it was a short book! If you’re looking for a quick 1 or 2 hour read then this is a good one for that! Happy Reading!

 Sweet hot damn! I’d never been on a motorcycle before, but the ride was exhilarating. Thrilling. My whole body hummed, probably from all the vibrations between my legs, but maybe it had a bit to do with the tall, bearded redhead I had been wrapped around for the past fifteen minutes. “That was amazing!” He grinned back at me in that sexy, kind of restrained way that screamed trouble . The best kind of trouble, but trouble nonetheless. Mick was tall—at least six feet four by my estimate—wide and tattooed. I should have been terrified. But I’d seen how sweet he could be, and that left me intrigued.

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