The Farthest Edge by Kristen Ashley

  WOW just wow! I thought I understood Kristen Ashley’s talent but until I read this book I didn’t understand. I didn’t get how well she could really write. I didn’t get how she could infuse her stories with so much feeling. Oh I knew she was a great writer but after reading this I know she is definitely my favorite. I gush about Kristen all the time, I am a definite fan and could fangirl about her always. But this book blew me away! I know I won’t do this book justice in my review, there is no way I can put into words how awesome this book was. I highlighted so much, this book just got to me, it was everything a KA book is plus so much much more.

 She needed to stay strong. She was getting in there. She knew it. And she’d come to know that Branch was worth the ups. The downs. The wild ride. The fight. She just needed not to give up.

This girl, this heroine I think is one of Kristen’s strongest greatest character’s. Evangeline (or Angie as Branch called her) was such a strong, clear-headed, thoughtful, caring, fantastic character. Honestly I could go on Kristen wrote her almost perfectly, oh don’t get me wrong she had her problems occasionally (nobody is perfect) but she was the perfect heroine, and absolutely what Branch needed. Now I will say I am still on the fence about the Domme business however it work, and it really worked for these characters. It was actually almost needed. You’ll see, read it and you’ll get me.

“I got so much baggage, honey, not just her, I’m just scratching the surface,” he whispered. “You’re so tiny, it’d crush you.” She felt tears sting her eyes. He wasn’t damaged. She didn’t know what he was. She’d never seen it. The only way she could describe it was that he’d been destroyed.

Branch, oh what can I say about damaged, guilt ridden, stubborn Branch. This man had so much that he took on himself and he let himself feel every bad thing that happened to someone else as if it was his fault or it happened to him. You could FEEL his pain in the whole book. Everything he said everything he felt you felt along with him and you knew he truly believed it ALL. I am so glad she put his point of view in the book liberally so we could get into his head, it made you realize how much pain he carried around everyday. He said he wasn’t a good man but that just wasn’t true and you knew that just with how hard he felt every experience he had throughout life. The fact he didn’t think he deserved Angie or well friends in general proved he was a GREAT man.

“Don’t hate me when I’m gone.”

And against her lips he demanded, “Promise me or I walk out that door.” He gave her neck and ribs a squeeze. “Don’t hate me when I’m gone, baby. I can’t have you the only way I’ll have you when I’m gone knowing I did that to you. So promise me.”

The feels in this book were off the charts, everything was written so you felt it. I have never experienced a book like this where you feel every word written. I am not going to tell you any detail about the book. To me you should read it and go into it with nothing but knowing it’s going to rock you. Your going to feel the writing, the ups and downs, the love. Branch’s need to be loved strongly to bring him back from the edge. He didn’t just need the pain of a lover he need the undeniable, whole-hearted, strong love of a great woman.

“She’s the world I always wanted the world to be” 

These two characters were one of my favorites of any KA. I have read every book by Kristen and can’t decide who are my favorite but these two definitely moved up to the top even with the Domme stuff in it. I could likely rave on and on.

And Evangeline had learned she enjoyed living life, taking the goodness it gave her moment to moment, conscious of every second of it, aware of how remarkable it was.

I shared Kristen’s blog post about how ONE scene in this book took the top spot of all the books she’s written and how she couldn’t believe it come from her. Well not only can I believe it, but I don’t think it was just that one scene I think it was the whole damn book that was written amazingly! She has a serious talent but this book you just felt the whole way through, the writing was amazing and the love story even more so. I couldn’t pick another book up for 3 days after, which never happens. So what did I do, re-read another KA. I had to! I couldn’t move on from this book it just had everything! My advice read it, I clearly loved it with my gushing, total fangirling haha. Happy Reading!

“Don’t pretend you don’t know,” she whispered.


“Fell in love with you in the red room the first second I laid eyes on you,” she informed him.

“Fell in love with you looking at you, beat to shit, finding it hard to breathe, not listening to Aryas telling me what he wanted me to do to that guy, just fighting the urge I already had when I got him not to kill him,” he fired back.


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