The Deep End by Kristin Ashley

To say I was a little uneasy to read this story would be an understatement. But I am so fricking glad I did. If anyone could pull off Domme story that I would fall in love with it would be Kristen Ashley. I have read everything that Kristen has ever written and loved all of it but this is my first review of one of her books, hopefully I can do it justice. Now first off I didn’t love the heroine Amelie right off that bat. She kinda came off a little hoity toity and stuck up to me, however I did learn to like her. She definitely isn’t my favorite character of Kristen’s. That being said it didn’t ruin the story for me, I was still able to connect with her and enjoyed the story without loving her. I did find that in the first few chapters it was a little bit of an info dump, I get Kristen was trying to set up the Bee’s Honey (the sex club that the group all knows each other from) but it wasn’t her typical style of explanation and it felt like we were being told about it instead of experiencing it like she normally does when setting the scene. But once that was all set up you got into the story a bit more. There was a LOT of sex in this book. She has never shied away from sex but this book had the most I have ever read in one of her stories or even a lot of other stories. I’m not complaining it was all very good but for about half the book it felt like that was all there was. Again I think she was trying to set up the lifestyle and this was part of the way she did it. Again it’s not a complaint just an observation.

 Another test. One it was essential he passed. He passed. 

Now this was one of the reasons I disliked Amelie at the beginning, she push Olivier extremely hard their first play time together everything he said he wasn’t real fond of she did and didn’t work him up to it. Which is something that drives me crazy during a Dom/sub book and it did in this one too. It’s your first time together you don’t need to push every boundary someone has. She’s lucky he came back,if that were me in any kinda situation like that I would have safe worded and never returned, for her at least. Especially him being an Alpha.

I wasn’t real sure how the Alpha sub business was going to work but of course Kristen blew it outta the water!

“You got a lot more experience, Amélie, but we both fuckin’ know that this shit, all of it,” he threw a long arm wide, indicating the room, “is about courtesy. And it isn’t ‘yes, Mistress,’ ‘no, Mistress,’ ‘please fuck my ass, Mistress.’” He lifted a finger and jabbed it toward her face. “ You are obligated to extend courtesy too. And, babe, you know exactly what I’m tellin’ you. I can see it on your face. And I do not have to stand with my hands to the door and my pants around my thighs like a naughty boy with your fingers shoved up my ass and take your shit.”

At this point I was still on the fence about Amelie and I was totally like “you go Olivier, tell that bitch” haha. However she did eventually redeem herself and the story started to go on from there. Olivier was a good character he had a bit of a temper and had to learn to not get heated so fast but he eventually got there. He had a few issues that he had to over come like,he wanting her to dominate him and like it as much as he did. He also had an issue with Amelie’s money, he had to learn that in relationships it’s not who can provide for the other/ take care of the other the best, it’s give and take and what the other person gets out of your part of the relationship that really matters. He came around to it and it was his dad that set him straight.

 “Could spend five years explainin’ to you what your mother brought to our home, our family, and our marriage that had not one thing to do with money. And to push that point home, I mighta made the lion’s share of what we had in the bank, but I was no slouch in bringin’ what this family needed, what she needed, to the table too. And none of that had anything to do with how much money I made. This life, money means somethin’, absolutely. But it doesn’t mean everything and the bottom line truth of it is, when you rack up what’s important, it isn’t even close to the top.”

In the end they ended up with a beautiful life that worked for both of them. This wouldn’t be a true Kristen Ashley without some up and downs and twist and turns and a little suspense, and she delivered. It ended up being a great story. I wouldn’t say it was my absolute favorite KA however it kept me turning the pages and really wanting to read the next book in the series (which I already did and will review tomorrow and phew just let me say fantastic). On a side note this book had one of the absolute hottest scenes I have every read in any book!

I could have done without Amelie calling Olivier her big stallion it got a bit weird for me but it clearly worked for both of them and that is what matters in a relationship so I say to each their own, just a little off-putting to read at times. That again was just me. Anyhow I say if you love KA and you enjoy BDSM don’t let the Domme thing throw you this series is great! Happy Reading!

“Nothin’ better, not in this world, nothin’ and I know that in a way I’ll know it until I die, nothin’ better than knowin’ you feel that too.”

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