Mick: CAOS MC by KB Winters

  Hmmmm what to say about this book. I am not much of a novella person, unless its part of a series that adds to the story. But this was an MC romance and I figure anything MC is worth reading (I figure I was supposed to be a biker bitch in my life haha). This probably could have been a great book if it was longer and fleshed out but it kinda lost it’s build up with being so short. The characters were there and the story line was too but it was a bit lackluster cause it was so short. It also was a bit choppy and skipped time throughout a chapter without any break ups to identify a time lapse  and was a bit confusing. However it did have a good story for such a short book I personally just wish it was longer. This author has good potential with her witting if she built it up to a full story. I should know better than to read novellas but this synopsis was intriguing and I felt it would be a good read. It wasn’t bad I just felt the writing was so good it should have been longer and lived up to her story building. Maybe she writes longer stories and this was just a short story to get into her first MC series and that would be great. I haven’t read anything from this author before and wouldn’t disregard her but the novella was just a bit too short for me. I felt this story had a great premise and could have been so much more if it was longer. I don’t want anyone to feel like this story isn’t worth reading, if you enjoy quick novella reads then this is for you. It does have some great sex scenes so that’s a bonus to haha. This review is short but it was a short book! If you’re looking for a quick 1 or 2 hour read then this is a good one for that! Happy Reading!

 Sweet hot damn! I’d never been on a motorcycle before, but the ride was exhilarating. Thrilling. My whole body hummed, probably from all the vibrations between my legs, but maybe it had a bit to do with the tall, bearded redhead I had been wrapped around for the past fifteen minutes. “That was amazing!” He grinned back at me in that sexy, kind of restrained way that screamed trouble . The best kind of trouble, but trouble nonetheless. Mick was tall—at least six feet four by my estimate—wide and tattooed. I should have been terrified. But I’d seen how sweet he could be, and that left me intrigued.


Review: Athica Lane by Brynne Asher

  This book was fantastic and everything I wanted in a book………. for the first half! The second half felt like maybe the author lost her way or ran out of steam. It had a kick ass heroine and a jerk (who redeems himself) alpha male but by about half way it just…… petered out, like the story took a break and it was just words for a bit.

Let’s start with the first half though, it was great! There was everything the building up of the characters, the bit of drama, the side characters were built up and added to the story, everything was there including the funny!

Zeke said it was time for more upper body so we moved to the fire hoses where we had to heave them up and slam them onto the ground. I could barely pull it up as high as my shoulders. Zeke disappeared around the building and came back with a garden hose. I’m not quite sure it was possible to be more humiliated, but slamming my garden hose into the ground when everyone else was doing the real thing, topped me off. If I had to guess, I bet my garden hose has never been used for anything other than what it should be used for—watering something.

It even had depth to it. The little bits in a book that are actually life lessons that we have to learn or have already learned were in there. It was a delight to read.

You find yourself one who’s willing to protect and keep you, you take care of him. Trust me child, it doesn’t matter what size, shape or form they come in, you give a good man your love and care, he’ll lay waste to the world to keep you by his side.”

By the middle though, things just kinda stopped, it seemed like just words and a bit of story to go with it. It didn’t get boring or anything it just kinda lost its spark. By the climax/suspense it felt like she had lost it. She tried to make it suspenseful but it was kinda lacking. I was reading it thinking ya now we are getting back into it, then, really that’s it nothing more? But the whole time I was waiting for something to happen with a certain someone in the story line and then when it hit I was like ok here we go, then it just kinda was over in a page or two and was just kinda problems all solved thing are good. But for the last few chapters and epilogue I was left feeling……….. really that’s it! She had this fantastic book with everything I was looking for in a book and now I just felt almost let down cause the last third wasn’t as great as the first half. I would definitely recommend this book it was great (but just lost it’s spark). The writing was good, the characters were great and it had a great moral to the story (if you will). It was just the last halfish that wasn’t everything I wanted it to be since the beginning was built up so well.

This is part of a series and I read the other books in it a year or two ago and I kinda remember them after all these books in between and the writing in them was also really good and I don’t remember being disappointed in those books, so I do suggest reading this author. This book was well done if I was to rate books I would give it a solid 4 stars and recommend them to anyone looking for the alpha male experience with good story to follow. I should also note that the sexual tension made my belly do the dip so that is always good reading!

 I return his smile, letting that settle in me when I repeat his words, “It’s time to get on with it.” His smile fades and his blue eyes become intense, his voice gruff when he simply agrees, “Yeah.” And then we did. From that moment on, we got on with it. The four of us, plus one, with a puppy and a cranky cat on Athica Lane. We got on with it. And it was perfect.

Here is the series reading order

Overflow: The Carpino Series

Beautiful Life: The Carpino Series

Athica Lane: The Carpino Series

Happy Reading!


New Releases June 27 2017

I was searching around for my next read and found some really good new releases that just went live today. I thought I would post some of my favorites or the ones that intrigue me to read. Hopefully others can discover their next read I’m not sure just yet which one I’m going to choose!

  Make Me Stay: The Panic Series by Sidney Halston is the second book in the series. I read the first book Pull Me Close: The Panic Series and it was really good so this is great knowing the next in the series is out! And there were hints of this story in the first and I am very interested!

   The Clover Chapel by Devney Perry is the second book in the Jamison Valley series and I read the first The Coppersmith Farmhouse (Jamison Valley Series Book 1) here is my review. It was an ok read if I remember correctly and the writing was good but this one sounds really interesting!

  Until I fades by K.A Tucker I don’t think I’ve read anything by K.A Tucker but I always her good things and this one sounds real good. Here’s a little from the blurb:

 And then one foggy night, on a lonely road back from another failed date, Catherine saves a man’s life. It isn’t until after the police have arrived that Catherine realizes exactly who it is she has rescued: Brett Madden, hockey icon and media darling.

Catherine has already had her fifteen minutes of fame and the last thing she wants is to have her past dragged back into the spotlight, only this time on a national stage. So she hides her identity. It works. For a time.

  Feral King (The Dominant Bastards Book 1) by Sparrow Beckett A BDSM book that sounds real good and comes with a warning: Warning: BDSM, dark themes. Character’s memories of prior abuse may trigger some readers. I bet it’s a good one but may need to be in the mod for something a bit darker

  Easy Nights (The Boudreaux Series Book 6) by Kristen Proby this series has been on my radar for a while but this book sounds so good I may just have to dive in to the series with book 1 and go on a binge read! Here’s the series reading order:

Easy Love (The Boudreaux Series Book 1)

Easy Charm (The Boudreaux Series Book 2)

Easy Melody (The Boudreaux Series Book 3)

Easy Kisses (The Boudreaux Series Book 4)

Easy For Keeps: A Boudreaux Novella (The Boudreaux Series)

Easy Magic (The Boudreaux Series Book 5)

Easy Fortune: A Boudreaux Series Novella (The Boudreaux Series)

And I’m not sure where this one fits in but it says it’s part of the series Easy With You: A With Me In Seattle Novella (The Boudreaux Series)

  Lost Love (Cowboys and Angels Book 1) by Kelly Elliott Hello sexy cover! Sounds good too!

The fight between my heart, my head, and last, but certainly not least, my dick starts tonight. Because all I can think about is how I want to be buried so deep inside Paxton she won’t remember how I broke her heart, or how I left her when she needed me the most.

  Badcock Tour by Christine Besze sounds like it could be one of those dirty humor books! ***WARNING*** If you do not have a twisted sense of humor, a dirty mind, enjoy getting laid, enjoy a laugh or five, and aren’t into women who swear like drunken sailors then this book isn’t for you. Derail, derail this cocktrain now.

  Mick: CAOS MC by KB Winters If you love dirty-talking heroes who love their MC as much as their women, one-click this insta love novella now.
Mick is a standalone MC Romance. No cliffhangers, just kindle-melting happily ever afters! 
This was part of the blurb and it sounds like a good MC book

  Needing Moore Series Boxset by Julie A Richman This is not a new release but it sounds like a good series all bundled together at a super bargain price today! Just the price alone everyone should pick it up!

If anything interests you just click on the book cover and order it up and let us know what you think of it after your done reading! I’m having a hard time choosing! Good luck finding your next read. Happy Reading!



Finding Our Next Read

Does anyone else have a hard time, sometimes, trying to find our next read? Every once in a while I take a few days off reading cause I just don’t know what to read. Most of the time I just fly through reading. I tend to read about one book a day but now and then I just don’t know what to read. I have a whole list of books I could choose from, authors that I love that still have books I haven’t read, great recommendations, and so on. Yet I still have no idea what I should read tonight! Every now and then I get these weird, cravings lets call them, for a certain kind of book but I just can’t put my finger on what kind of book I’m in the mood for. We all know that on occasion we read a book, that had we been in the mood for it, would have been awesome but because we weren’t really feeling that mood the book wasn’t a top read. This is kinda what I’m afraid off. I know I want to read but I’m kinda in the mood for a book with everything. Light, funny, great story line but not too deep, sexy, maybe a bit of suspense, great characters with an easy plot line, SEE I kinda want everything but have no idea what to look for! How do you search that on amazon? Looking for an amazing book with everything in it but not to angsty! It would return with either nothing or every book written hahaha.

After reading Kristen Ashley’s Honey series I went on a little bit of a re-read, actually it turns out the chaos series, books I hadn’t read in a while. When I get in a Kristen mood though getting out of it sucks cause I kinda want to read something like her’s but new to me. Something I haven’t read but the same kinda writing. The story line that sucks you in but has everything I want to read at the time. I’m not being too picky am I hahaha. So I guess the question is what should I do now? Should I just choose a book at random, grab something that is in the comedy romance genre (cause you know that can help with getting out of a slump), search some how for what I’m in the mood for (goodreads should come up with something), or what is the answer to this crazy question? Anyone? I’m sure everyone has been in a situation like this!

I’m truly not looking for my next favorite book or author even. I’m just looking for something that is a good read that doesn’t make me think too hard, or wince all the way through. Like I said something light but not a boring light. I think maybe I’m babbling and instead should be searching every reading blog or website I can find to find what I’m looking for! Or maybe one of my readers could help me out with suggestions! I am down to read pretty much anything at this point but if you have a suggestion leave a comment for me so I can find something to read haha. Good luck to anyone else with this problem and to those reading already enjoy your books! I’m off to search. Happy Reading!


The Farthest Edge by Kristen Ashley

  WOW just wow! I thought I understood Kristen Ashley’s talent but until I read this book I didn’t understand. I didn’t get how well she could really write. I didn’t get how she could infuse her stories with so much feeling. Oh I knew she was a great writer but after reading this I know she is definitely my favorite. I gush about Kristen all the time, I am a definite fan and could fangirl about her always. But this book blew me away! I know I won’t do this book justice in my review, there is no way I can put into words how awesome this book was. I highlighted so much, this book just got to me, it was everything a KA book is plus so much much more.

 She needed to stay strong. She was getting in there. She knew it. And she’d come to know that Branch was worth the ups. The downs. The wild ride. The fight. She just needed not to give up.

This girl, this heroine I think is one of Kristen’s strongest greatest character’s. Evangeline (or Angie as Branch called her) was such a strong, clear-headed, thoughtful, caring, fantastic character. Honestly I could go on Kristen wrote her almost perfectly, oh don’t get me wrong she had her problems occasionally (nobody is perfect) but she was the perfect heroine, and absolutely what Branch needed. Now I will say I am still on the fence about the Domme business however it work, and it really worked for these characters. It was actually almost needed. You’ll see, read it and you’ll get me.

“I got so much baggage, honey, not just her, I’m just scratching the surface,” he whispered. “You’re so tiny, it’d crush you.” She felt tears sting her eyes. He wasn’t damaged. She didn’t know what he was. She’d never seen it. The only way she could describe it was that he’d been destroyed.

Branch, oh what can I say about damaged, guilt ridden, stubborn Branch. This man had so much that he took on himself and he let himself feel every bad thing that happened to someone else as if it was his fault or it happened to him. You could FEEL his pain in the whole book. Everything he said everything he felt you felt along with him and you knew he truly believed it ALL. I am so glad she put his point of view in the book liberally so we could get into his head, it made you realize how much pain he carried around everyday. He said he wasn’t a good man but that just wasn’t true and you knew that just with how hard he felt every experience he had throughout life. The fact he didn’t think he deserved Angie or well friends in general proved he was a GREAT man.

“Don’t hate me when I’m gone.”

And against her lips he demanded, “Promise me or I walk out that door.” He gave her neck and ribs a squeeze. “Don’t hate me when I’m gone, baby. I can’t have you the only way I’ll have you when I’m gone knowing I did that to you. So promise me.”

The feels in this book were off the charts, everything was written so you felt it. I have never experienced a book like this where you feel every word written. I am not going to tell you any detail about the book. To me you should read it and go into it with nothing but knowing it’s going to rock you. Your going to feel the writing, the ups and downs, the love. Branch’s need to be loved strongly to bring him back from the edge. He didn’t just need the pain of a lover he need the undeniable, whole-hearted, strong love of a great woman.

“She’s the world I always wanted the world to be” 

These two characters were one of my favorites of any KA. I have read every book by Kristen and can’t decide who are my favorite but these two definitely moved up to the top even with the Domme stuff in it. I could likely rave on and on.

And Evangeline had learned she enjoyed living life, taking the goodness it gave her moment to moment, conscious of every second of it, aware of how remarkable it was.

I shared Kristen’s blog post about how ONE scene in this book took the top spot of all the books she’s written and how she couldn’t believe it come from her. Well not only can I believe it, but I don’t think it was just that one scene I think it was the whole damn book that was written amazingly! She has a serious talent but this book you just felt the whole way through, the writing was amazing and the love story even more so. I couldn’t pick another book up for 3 days after, which never happens. So what did I do, re-read another KA. I had to! I couldn’t move on from this book it just had everything! My advice read it, I clearly loved it with my gushing, total fangirling haha. Happy Reading!

“Don’t pretend you don’t know,” she whispered.


“Fell in love with you in the red room the first second I laid eyes on you,” she informed him.

“Fell in love with you looking at you, beat to shit, finding it hard to breathe, not listening to Aryas telling me what he wanted me to do to that guy, just fighting the urge I already had when I got him not to kill him,” he fired back.



The Deep End by Kristin Ashley

To say I was a little uneasy to read this story would be an understatement. But I am so fricking glad I did. If anyone could pull off Domme story that I would fall in love with it would be Kristen Ashley. I have read everything that Kristen has ever written and loved all of it but this is my first review of one of her books, hopefully I can do it justice. Now first off I didn’t love the heroine Amelie right off that bat. She kinda came off a little hoity toity and stuck up to me, however I did learn to like her. She definitely isn’t my favorite character of Kristen’s. That being said it didn’t ruin the story for me, I was still able to connect with her and enjoyed the story without loving her. I did find that in the first few chapters it was a little bit of an info dump, I get Kristen was trying to set up the Bee’s Honey (the sex club that the group all knows each other from) but it wasn’t her typical style of explanation and it felt like we were being told about it instead of experiencing it like she normally does when setting the scene. But once that was all set up you got into the story a bit more. There was a LOT of sex in this book. She has never shied away from sex but this book had the most I have ever read in one of her stories or even a lot of other stories. I’m not complaining it was all very good but for about half the book it felt like that was all there was. Again I think she was trying to set up the lifestyle and this was part of the way she did it. Again it’s not a complaint just an observation.

 Another test. One it was essential he passed. He passed. 

Now this was one of the reasons I disliked Amelie at the beginning, she push Olivier extremely hard their first play time together everything he said he wasn’t real fond of she did and didn’t work him up to it. Which is something that drives me crazy during a Dom/sub book and it did in this one too. It’s your first time together you don’t need to push every boundary someone has. She’s lucky he came back,if that were me in any kinda situation like that I would have safe worded and never returned, for her at least. Especially him being an Alpha.

I wasn’t real sure how the Alpha sub business was going to work but of course Kristen blew it outta the water!

“You got a lot more experience, Amélie, but we both fuckin’ know that this shit, all of it,” he threw a long arm wide, indicating the room, “is about courtesy. And it isn’t ‘yes, Mistress,’ ‘no, Mistress,’ ‘please fuck my ass, Mistress.’” He lifted a finger and jabbed it toward her face. “ You are obligated to extend courtesy too. And, babe, you know exactly what I’m tellin’ you. I can see it on your face. And I do not have to stand with my hands to the door and my pants around my thighs like a naughty boy with your fingers shoved up my ass and take your shit.”

At this point I was still on the fence about Amelie and I was totally like “you go Olivier, tell that bitch” haha. However she did eventually redeem herself and the story started to go on from there. Olivier was a good character he had a bit of a temper and had to learn to not get heated so fast but he eventually got there. He had a few issues that he had to over come like,he wanting her to dominate him and like it as much as he did. He also had an issue with Amelie’s money, he had to learn that in relationships it’s not who can provide for the other/ take care of the other the best, it’s give and take and what the other person gets out of your part of the relationship that really matters. He came around to it and it was his dad that set him straight.

 “Could spend five years explainin’ to you what your mother brought to our home, our family, and our marriage that had not one thing to do with money. And to push that point home, I mighta made the lion’s share of what we had in the bank, but I was no slouch in bringin’ what this family needed, what she needed, to the table too. And none of that had anything to do with how much money I made. This life, money means somethin’, absolutely. But it doesn’t mean everything and the bottom line truth of it is, when you rack up what’s important, it isn’t even close to the top.”

In the end they ended up with a beautiful life that worked for both of them. This wouldn’t be a true Kristen Ashley without some up and downs and twist and turns and a little suspense, and she delivered. It ended up being a great story. I wouldn’t say it was my absolute favorite KA however it kept me turning the pages and really wanting to read the next book in the series (which I already did and will review tomorrow and phew just let me say fantastic). On a side note this book had one of the absolute hottest scenes I have every read in any book!

I could have done without Amelie calling Olivier her big stallion it got a bit weird for me but it clearly worked for both of them and that is what matters in a relationship so I say to each their own, just a little off-putting to read at times. That again was just me. Anyhow I say if you love KA and you enjoy BDSM don’t let the Domme thing throw you this series is great! Happy Reading!

“Nothin’ better, not in this world, nothin’ and I know that in a way I’ll know it until I die, nothin’ better than knowin’ you feel that too.”


Kristen Ashley

This author is fantastic! I have loved everything she has ever written! She seems to have an interesting voice in telling her stories and such a well-developed dynamic. All of her books have a little of everything humor, romance, mystery, great characters and in my opinion the ultimate Alpha males. I am not a re-reader of books but Kristen’s books have something special that I can just read them over and over again. I honestly get cravings for her writing and have to decide which one will cure it. If I get into a real reading slump I always go back to something of her’s to get me out.

Most of her books have that ultimate scene that pulls at your heartstrings, makes you feel like these characters are real and really connects you to them. They also stay with you and you never forget them. For instance the beach scene in  Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain Series Book 3), the stairwell scene in Rock Chick Regret (which is my favorite book of hers….. I think that changes all the time), the say something moment in  Deacon (The Unfinished Heroes Series Book 4), and the list goes on. If you’ve read a Kristen Ashley you understand what I am talking about!

The reason for this post is because she just released a new book from her Honey series last week and wrote a blog post stating this:

If the worst happened and some strange wind came and erased the dream I’ve been living since my books took off and all my books were blown away from memory, I’d hope and pray for just that one scene to remain. To remind me as a neurotic writer that I can do this.

Yes, that has always been that scene in THREE WISHES.


I do not say this lightly. The scene in THREE WISHES has held this top spot for me for so long, I thought nothing would skim past it.

But then…something did.

These are the kind of feels she puts in her books. Jeezes just reading her post makes me get a little teary eyed because you know this woman is the ultimate writer even from just a blog post. If I could put into words half as well as her I could be gifted but she just blows it out of the park! If you want to read the full post check it out it is awesome and everything she says is true. Those scenes are amazing it makes me want to go back and re-read all of those books just for those scenes alone. However I’ll have to do that later because I want to read this scene that blew herself out of the water. So I am going to do something I have been putting off. I wasn’t real sure about this new Honey series so I haven’t started it, I’ve been putting it off and a little scared. I have loved every book from Kristen not one complaint actually, maybe one or two that weren’t my favorite but I still enjoyed them so they don’t really count haha. That is where my fear is coming in, what if I don’t like it, what if it’s not for me, what if her voice has changed, what if it knocks her off the pedestal I’ve put her on, what if so many other reasons. But I think it’s time I put my big girl panties on and start the series already, especially so I can read this scene that has become Kristen’s favorite scene she’s ever written.

If I am ever asked for a recommendation I can honestly say I always start with a Kristen Ashley, so there you have it go out and read anything  Kristen Ashley kindle edition. If you’re in the mood for a specific type leave a comment and I’ll recommend one or just leave a comment with your favorite book or scene from Kristen. Happy Reading!

I’m off to read 

I’ll leave you with a little bit extra from Kristen! Damn can she write!

It seems almost heretical to say this, but most of all in the beauty I experienced with writing THE FARTHEST EDGE, I love it that Branch trusted me enough to give that scene to me so in turn I could give it to you.