Book Review: One Foot In The Grave by Jeaneine Frost

 If you haven’t read Halfway to the Grave (check out my review) I suggest you should. This is an ongoing series, this being the second book, and I suggest starting with book 1. I am enjoying this series, it is well written and the world building is very well done. Lot’s happens in this book in such a short time. The heroine Cat has definitely grown on me in this one but still got on my nerves a little. She really does think about herself first. What I mean by that is she is always so fast to defend herself not ever thinking about what others may be feeling. She does this even in the third book so it is obviously just her character but it’s a little hard to feel for her when she is only thinking about herself. Cat is an extremely bad ass heroine and I enjoy these types of reads but I will say that she needs to remember she is half human and sometimes she’s going to have limitations but acts as if she doesn’t. I felt Bones took too long to come into the story. To me he is such a huge part of the story, the best part of it, and I couldn’t wait for him to enter the story. So of course when he did the story got so much better, for me anyhow haha. I like that he wasn’t real hard on Cat but she needs to learn from this huge mistake she made in book 1(I’m not telling haha huge spoiler) cause she makes a similar mistake by not talking to Bones towards the end and almost screws everything up again. It kinda goes a long with her thinking she’s a god and can do anything but she really needs to learn from her mistakes, and for the most part does, which is nice to see from a character cause that isn’t always the case. I won’t go into too much detail about the book cause you really need to read the first book before going into this one.

I have a few notes from the book I’ll share with you so you can see my thoughts while I was reading. They are straight from my brain so be warned haha. The first will be a quote from the book then my thoughts after.

So I couldn’t afford to let him know how much I still cared. All I could do was play it cool–and hope Bones bought the act enough to leave me this time. –  Bah really for such a smart woman she really is still very much naive and grates on my nerves!

“Isn’t this a proper flashback to her childhood? You’re bloody woman; can’t you see she’s choking?”-Fuck bang on description of her terrible mother

I’m not sure if her mom is written like such a bitch for a funny factor but it’s not funny at all. She is really awful and such a bitch to everyone including Cat, I don’t understand it.

I am enjoying this series so far it’s got a really strong story line and has kept me interested. I have already read book 3 actually and am just about to leave a review for it! So pick up the first book if you haven’t already read it or if you have, move on to this one, this series is a good one. Especially if your into vampires for sure. My review makes it sound like I didn’t enjoy it but I did I just kinda wrote my thoughts, and feelings because I don’t want to give away the story.

Happy Reading!


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