Book Review: Halfway To The Grave by Jeaniene Frost

 Alright people I decided to go with a paranormal romance, so I scoured the internet looking for a good one and boy did I come up with many, but something with this one stood out. The ‘infamous’ chapter 32 (I think) in book 2 of this series, One Foot In The Grave. So me being me, needing to read series from the beginning, even if they are standalone, I started with book 1.

Now just a little about me and my paranormal reading. I am not drawn to vampires….. at all. I usually steer clear of them. Twilight absolutely not, never read it, never will and have no desire to even read the synopsis. For some that is their go to, good for them, me not so much. That may be a little harsh but I know me and have no interest in it. That’s not to say I haven’t read a few but they definitely aren’t something I necessarily look for. However after reading reviews and some blog post throughout the internet about the infamous chapter 32 (or whatever it is) I was intrigued and started with book 1 so I can be more involved in the story line when I get to that specific part. Well lets just say the beginning of Halfway to the Grave: A Night Huntress Novel had me thinking hmm maybe this is going to be OK, maybe I’ll love this vampire book. By the end I’m not so sure what to think. As I am writing this I have moved on to book 2  One Foot in the Grave: A Night Huntress Novel because really I want to see what the hype is about chapter 32 haha. So obviously I enjoyed the first book enough to continue but let’s get into that shall we.

The heroine Cat, or one of her various aliases, is ridiculously annoying for at least half the book. But in her own right a little bad ass. She is half human half vampire and HATES all vampires. To me this is a little confusing, doesn’t she understand how a vampire thinks even a little? You’ll understand what I mean if you read it. Her mother is awful, at first you want to feel sorry for her but all in all she is a bitch who probably doesn’t even love her own daughter because of her being half vampire. Granted what happened to her justifies her hating vampires, herself, but her daughter is half vampire so she should have a care for that! Well that rant over back to the story haha. Cat is out killing vampires, albeit weak ones, and runs into a master vamp named Bones. Now I won’t go into detail but they strike up a deal and become partners of sorts. This is where the love story for these two starts. That part of the story is pretty good, however Cat is extremely judgmental, selfish, narrow-minded and kinda full of herself. Here bones says it best.

 “No, there’s one more reason I kept it from you. I didn’t want to give you another reason to hate vampires. It’s not like you aren’t already predisposed to it. You tend to judge people for what they are, rather than what they do, if they don’t have a pulse.”  

Now speaking of Bones I loved him! He made the story for me! He put up with a lot from Cat. Granted I think he maybe saw past all her bullshit and saw what she could be. While I was reading all I could think was “sure Cat you have it bad but some have it way worse than you”! Then Bones proved that by telling her about his life before he was turned and she was still only thinking about herself.

That dark gaze didn’t waver. “I just told you that I used to be a thief, a beggar, and a whore. Is it really fair for you to cry foul over my question?” Put like that, he had a point.

She was so juvenile! This is one of those times I could have thrown my kindle across the room and I don’t say that lightly. She was doing this all the time making her problems out to be worse than everyone else’s, when that wasn’t the case at all, her’s were almost childish compared to his. As I said I loved Bones he was brutally honest.

You play the hand you’re dealt just like everyone else in this bloody world. You have gifts people would kill for, no matter that you scorn them. You have a mum who loves you and a nice house to go home to. Sod your backwoods neighbors who look down their ignorant noses at you for your lack of a father. This world is a big place and you’ve got an important role to play in it. Think everyone goes around whistling about the life they lead? Think everyone is given the power to choose the way their fate goes? Sorry, luv, it doesn’t work that way. You hold the ones you love close and fight the battles you can win, and that, Kitten, is how it is.”

I think Cat needed his brutal honesty to grow up a little and see things from a different perspective. I think her mom drilled into her head for so long, vampires are evil, that she didn’t even think about anything other than that. She was VERY naive through a good portion of the book. It kinda took a lot to pull her head outta her ass.

 All I’m saying is that sooner or later, you’ll have to come to terms with yourself. You can’t wish away the vampire in you, and you shouldn’t keep atoning for it. You should figure out who you are and what you need, and then don’t apologize for it. Not to me, to your mum, or to anyone.”

This is where the story picked up for me. She pulled her head outta her ass and realized she needed to except herself. The story actually got good here and I enjoyed reading the rest of it. She was pretty bad ass but that being said everyone has a limited and she maybe crossed that a little but it made for decent reading so I’ll give it a pass haha. My review makes it sound as if I didn’t enjoy reading this book but that isn’t the case. The author did a great job of building her world and the twists and turns, revelations and suspense were well written. I enjoyed all of that. I enjoyed the humor she added and even laughed out loud a time or two!

“How did you know he was a vampire when you saw him? Did you know, or did you not find out until he tried to have an artery party?”

The book kept my interest. Other than not liking the heroin for a good half of the book I can’t say the story didn’t keep me intrigued and for that reason I have continued to the next book and we’ll have to see from there. Man that was a wordy review sorry! I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in paranormal romance especially the vampire kind. I normally lean more to shifter or magical type paranormal romance but so far, if you can look past the juvenile heroine from the start (I mean she is young and has to grow up some how), you will likely enjoy this series. Give it a shot Bones is worth it, plus I really need to get to this infamous chapter haha.

Happy Reading!

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