Book Review: Rogue (Phoenix Rising Series) by Brynley Blake

 Shout out to that cover HELLO! As for the book…. MEH it was OK. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it. It was just a read. I never felt connected to this book, not the characters or the story it was just reading. Which ended up being a little frustrating. I got this booked because it sounded not only interesting and fun but a little suspenseful and it had all those elements but it just didn’t have the feels. I wanted to enjoy this book, I love navy SEALS and the idea of doing a bucket list of someone else’s sounded fun. I just didn’t feel it, I wanted to, really wanted to but it felt like I was just reading. The story line was there and the writing was pretty good but the connection between the characters was just not there for me which made the rest of it kinda just meh. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood for this book but it almost got repetitive for me. It almost felt like the story got lost in the sex, if that makes any sense. I love a good sex scene and these were done well but I wanted to read the story and had to skim some of the sex which doesn’t happen too often for me. I am usually so lost in the story that I read every word but this one had me skimming some of the sex scenes. The story is about McKenzie travelling around the world trying to finish her dead brother’s bucket list. She meets an ex navy SEAL Noah who wants to help her with it. He has other reasons for wanting to help her, it turns out her brother sold a bunch of guns to a Mexican drug cartel and they have been lost since his death and many people are looking to find them for their own nefarious reasons. This starts their love story and their travels through the bucket list, with the idea to find the guns (this is Noah’s reason for the bucket list McKenzie doesn’t know about them til the end). Part of my disconnection with this story was as a SEAL Noah should be on alert with everything but some things he just glosses over and that just isn’t how a SEAL would think. He was very bad ass with most everything but I think the whole glossing over may have been put in to intensify the story but it just led me to think he should have been more alert. I don’t know I’m not explaining it well! I just finished reading it a bit ago and maybe haven’t had enough time to process it and should have waited to write a review. I just didn’t love it, it got me a little frustrated and left me a little unsatisfied. It turns out this was the start to a series and we have to wait to find out more about the plot but through a different couple and I may read that one (I haven’t decided) maybe it will be better with the suspense actually being suspenseful. Maybe that story will flow a little better, maybe I’ll feel a better connection to the characters. Maybe that is all wishful thinking, I guess I’ll have to wait to see when the next book comes out if I’m in the mood for it. I wouldn’t say this was a bad book by any means, it was all there and others may love it, it could have just been my mood. I do suggest reading it if you’re in the mood for a little adventure and a navy SEAL.

“The universe granted me a second chance and led me to you. In that one defining moment in Las Vegas, the opening appeared and you were there, waiting for me, and I stepped through and claimed what was mine. You were meant for me, sweetheart. Our love is beyond the confines of time and space.”

I’ll leave you with that! I think I’ll go look for something in the paranormal romance catergory just something different, or something super funny! Any suggestions?

Happy Reading!

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