Book Review: Head Tripped by Nicole Archer

 Alright so if you haven’t read Road-Tripped: A Sexy Romantic Comedy (Ad Agency Series Book 1) then I suggest you should, cause that book was hilarious and the beginner to this series. This book is about a different couple and can be read as a standalone but definitely better if read in order, in my opinion. This story was different then I expected not necessarily in a bad way, I was just expecting more humor. It lacked the comedy of the first. I knew it would be more serious with Effie (love that name) being a recovering addict but I did expect that this authors humor from the first book and her characters free spirit would shine through. It was definitely more serious than I thought however it was still very good. The writing is very good and draws you in and you get to know and feel the characters. But I have to say some of the things that happened to Effie as the story progressed made me a bit angry for her, seriously had she not been through enough in her life that a little success was much to ask for. It did prove that she is a fighter though and she wasn’t about to be kicked again while she was down which was really nice to read. The love story between Effie and Elias was a really nice read, for the most part they realized the were meant to be and fought for each other, they had ups and downs but all couples do, a few misunderstandings but really part of that is from their pasts and they both had hard pasts to come back from. From the stories point of view I liked the road trip of Europe with a band, that would have been one hell of a time in my opinion. The way the author described the cities and situations they got up to it made it all seem very real, she did a very excellent job of that, very fun to read about. It gave the book that little extra bit of fun it needed to relieve the seriousness of it all. So a little about the story…….

Effie is a recovering addict. She was pushed extremely hard as a child (by her terrible mother) to be the best violinist. Since she has an ear for music she was very good and pushed to be even better which then caused arthritis. For the arthritis she started on pain meds and ended up upgrading to harder shit until she hit rock bottom. Fast forward a few years and she is clean trying to make up for her mistakes, this is when she meets Elias. She has no idea he is a rock star and he loves that about her so they spend some time together and really start to like one another. Elias heads off on tour and his band is in dire need of some help so he calls Effie to join them and this is where the fun starts. The band eventually falls in love with Effie and then the ups and downs start. I’m not going into detail here you’ll have to read it yourself haha. However it is a fun read and I do recommend it, this author is a definite read for me now and I’ll be stalking her to see when her next book is out!

Then she heard something else. Music. She froze in her tracks. “Is he here?” Callie kissed her cheek and removed the dishrag. A group of musicians were playing out by the pool—Missy and Griffin and Cato. Next to them, stood a bodyguard, an acupuncturist, a Disco Bus driver, and Walker, wearing a big dimpled grin. And in the center of them all, under an arc of flowers, a handsome man with long dark hair played guitar. He sang about secret gardens and candy slides, lollipops and horsey rides, tree houses and pale skin, chaos and identical twins, puffy clouds and bright blue skies, violins and disguises, half oranges and pretty little trees, and making music with his wild Effie bomb—his heaven, and the love of his life. On the last note, an explosion followed, and the door to her soul burst open, and love beamed out of her, brighter than the sun. Elias set down his guitar and knelt in front of her. “F-bomb Murphy, te amo . I love you. Will you marry me?” “Are you sure?” she whispered. “Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Callie said. Walker covered her sister’s mouth. Elias answered her with a warm soulful smile. “Yes, amor, I’m sure.” She kneeled down with him. “Then, yes, I’ll marry you.” He slipped a beautiful blue ring on her finger, and everyone cheered and banged on instruments. It was the sound of love, true love, and also the finale of her opera.

That about sums up the high jinx and of course you got Callie’s dirty mouth haha. I love that the sisters worked out their problems in the end too, it was a little rushed but really nice to have that bond back for them. I do recommend this book I felt for poor Effie and all the shit she was dealt in her life I was happy to see her happy! Get yourself a copy now and follow on their journey, like I said this author can take you on a trip and I was happy to go on it!

Happy Reading!

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