Book Review: Road-Tripped by Nicole Archer

 This book was hilarious! I loved it! From what I can understand this is a debut novel and this lady can write. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like the heroine she was really just a bitch. Granted she had some shit done to her recently and you learn about that close to the middle so you can sympathize with her but at the start she was kinda hard, just hard. So that being said I figured nope not going to like this one but that just wasn’t the case. She came out of her shell and turned things around big time. I loved it!

Holyshitnipples!- My new favorite saying from this book!

So to go into the book a little. The Hero and Heroine both work at this ad agency and they have this RV client, their campaign alone will save the company. The idea is to send a “couple” on a trip in one of their RV’s along the coast of the states. Now side note from me wouldn’t that be fantastic I would love to do that! OK back to the story…… the female employee supposed to go on the trip is pregnant and has the worst morning sickness so they send the heroine Callie. This is the start of the rocky road trip because she thinks the hero Walker is a manwhore and wants nothing to do with him. From here on out they have trial and tribulations but almost all of them are hilarious!

Every hair on her body stood up, including her pubic hair.

From getting stoned with grandma, crazy nudist RV park, almost being eaten by an alligator and so many more hilarious run ins things start to heat up between Callie and Walker and I loved the whole ride. There were definitely some insecurities and misunderstandings but it all worked out and they weren’t as bad as some of these stories have. In my opinion the last misunderstanding wasn’t needed it could have worked a different way. In no way did this take away from the story I still enjoyed it and it was written well and kinda proved that Callie was willing to fight for them and not make Walker work for it all the time. So in the end it all worked for sure!

“Oh, sorry, Grandma. Didn’t realize you had bingo in the morning.”- even Walker had some really good one liners

I laughed out loud so many times. At one point I actually had to read a part out loud to my boyfriend because it was just so damn funny. As much as it was funny and made me feel like getting into a large silver dildo (you’ll understand when you read the book) and tour the states, it also had some depth and great story development that some of these romantic comedies don’t pull off all the way. All in all I liked it and there is already a second book with Callie’s sister as the main character and I think her story will also be funny but I think her’s will have way more depth cause she has been through so much and we only had a peak through Callie’s point of view. So I am of to read her story but if you haven’t you NEED to read this one so good, so funny, and super hot too.

The only real criticism I would have, and it may just be a me thing, but enough with giving the finger in all different ways it’s not that funny, to me, and it seems a little juvenile. Anyways it didn’t bother me enough to damper the book for me I still loved it so go click up there on the pic of it and order it and give it a read! A definite recommend from me I loved it! Well I’m off to read the next in the series!

Happy Reading!

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