Book Review: Billionaire Husband by Sam Crescent

 I rarely read novellas because I feel like there isn’t enough time to connect to the characters or to develop a good story line. Some authors can do this and it blows me away that such a quick read can establish so much emotion and connection. Some authors can not and this read didn’t blow me away. It was an OK read with real potential but it was far too rushed for my liking. It could have been a really great story if it was fleshed out a little more, I loved the idea of it but it just felt too rushed. The other issue I had, was for such a short story the mistakes should be really low but in this story that wasn’t the case. This is not something I ever bitch about but this one was hard to over look I mean in one of the sex scenes she is giving him a blow job and it says he lightly places his forehead against her’s how is that possible no man, or anyone for that matter, can bend in half like then and she still has his dick in her mouth? That just isn’t happening.

So enough of my rant, about the story. We have a couple that were kinda an arranged marriage type thing for bettering the businesses. Well turns out neither is as the other expected and they have bad sex once a month to produce an heir but live separately and have nothing to do with each other until one day that changes. All the hero wanted was a passionate wife, well turns out he has one and just didn’t know it so he goes about rectifying that. That’s where the story takes off but by this time we are already just about halfway through the book. I wouldn’t say this was a terrible book it had real potential and a decent story line it just wasn’t long enough to connect the characters or to really feel what they were feeling. It was a decent short read if you over look the mistakes and the shortness but some people really enjoy short stories. If you’re looking for a short quick read then this would be a good one to go with.

Their marriage had started out rocky, but now they were stronger than ever. He loved Addie with all of his heart, and she made him a better person. They had been married six years. The first three years didn’t count. The last three had been the best of his life, and he couldn’t wait for the next fifty years with her.  

Happy Reading!

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