Bad Book Read

So I read a book last week that was not so great and I have decided I am not going to give an actual review on it. The story line was real promising, if it hadn’t been for the heroine the book could have been real good. It put me in such a bad mood that I couldn’t read anything for days after and that never happens to me. The heroine was just pure awful she was so selfish and ungrateful, she was just a plain old spoiled brat! The biggest problem was there were two books. The first was OK I didn’t mind it and the heroine was decent the second she was a bitch that acted like a spoiled brat and only thought of herself. For crying out loud she thought the love of her life was dead he shows up after years of healing and she’s like ‘your only NOW coming to find me’. Like what the hell not ‘oh my gosh you aren’t dead are you OK what happened’ nope he gets an all about her greeting. Jeezes it drove me crazy. So as you can see I would not recommend this book so I am not even putting the name on here or the author cause I have nothing good to say about it. However the hero had a brother and the next book is about him and a woman introduced in the second book and their story could actually be good so I may read that but I’m still on the fence. The only thing that got me back to reading was I decided to pick up my ALL TIME FAVORITE Kristen Ashley book Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain Series Book 3) now that is a great book and my most favorite of KA. Everything about that story is awesome! I have read it about 4 times maybe more and every time it makes me tear up. That story is just the greatest and never fails to give me the feels. Even though I know what is going to happen I am on the edge of my seat and hoping everything works out and of course it always does haha. So If you want my recommendation that is the book I recommend!

Happy Reading!

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