Book Review: Torched by Shay Mara

  This is a two book series and I suggest reading both. The first doesn’t end on a cliffhanger which was nice but the second gives you a look into their lives after and it was a nice touch if you ask me!

“You can do whatever the hell you set your mind to, baby. Anybody can redefine themselves. Eventually, whatever happened to you will just be a blip in the radar of your life. But you have to let yourself let go of it.”

So you have Livia and Torch both from very rough upbringings but Torch has found his forever family in his biker brothers but his past comes back to haunt him so he goes nomad for a few months to clear his head and get some perspective. This is where he meets a very beaten down Liv. She is at her absolute worse and running, trying to get away from her awful situation. He gets called away by his club to do a run close to where he is but on his way back through two months later she is still there and they really connect. This isn’t where the story begins though, unfortunately Torch gets called away again and Liv needs to find her way so they go there separate ways for EIGHT years!

In that eight years Livia becomes a badass and I loved her! She is extremely smart, witty, good-hearted even after all the shit she went through, loyal, and well badass. She has to be one of the best heroines I’ve read. She went through so much in her life and worked so hard to change the outcome of the rest of her life. She was a fighter and everything she did proved that, she would fight for everything for the people she cared about. She proved her loyalty in the first booked ten fold for sure, I’m not spoiling it but it’s a bit of a twist.

Torch is fricking sexy and swoony! Who doesn’t love a biker. I love that once he saw Liv for the first time eight years later it was pretty much over for him, he knew she was his forever and he was going to fight for them even if he was the only one fighting. It didn’t take long for Liv to get with the program though, they were meant to be together. Torch was willing to change some of his ways to make sure Liv was happy in their relationship, you know biker ways and Liv is so independent that some of those rules compromise how she conducts her own safety.

I can’t sweetheart. I can’t do it. I won’t lose you over fucking logistics. Not when everything else about you is so beautiful and right that I know I’ll never find anything like it again… I want your ink on my skin, and mine on yours. I want your face to be the one I see at the end of a good day, a shit day, and every day in between. I still think you’re gonna be the death of me, but I’ll die a happy motherfucker… It’s you ‘til I die, baby. Just let me keep you, Livia Ash. Be my old lady.”     

The story line flows seamlessly and takes you on a wild ride all throughout. Every scene added to the story and made you want to be a part of all the action with them. The secondary characters were just as good and added to that family feeling. This author did an awesome job of creating the world of her characters and everything in it. I applaud her for this, not many authors can pull this off as well as she did and from my understanding these are her first books. Well done Shay Mara! I hope to see future books from her, cause these were definitely up my alley.

The second book continues on with their story. I really enjoyed that this author choose to do another book about this couple. Often times, after the couple I’ve spent so much time with gets their happily ever after I want more, to see where they end up and how their relationship progresses and with Torch the aftermath you get that. It is equally as good as the first. If I had any criticism it would be that the endearment “baby” was used too much by too many characters. I recommend this series to everyone especially if you love bikers, but you don’t even really need to love bikers to love this series! I am so happy I gave this author a chance I just wish she had more books! Happy Reading!

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