Book Review: At Grave’s End by Jeaniene Frost

 Alright this may have been my favorite in the series so far! I really liked this one. The action is non-stop and really well written. This series is getting better the farther I get into it. The heroine Cat still has her moments but even she has grown up and is much easier to read. Bones is still as awesome as ever! This story has really drawn me in and I am very interested to see where this author takes it from here. However with that being said I think I am going to take a short break from this series just so I can cleanse my palate as they say. Series like these aren’t always best read one right after the other or you become less likely to enjoy the series as much, so I am going to read something different for a book then head back to see what this gang is up to!

Cat’s mom is even worse in this book if that is even possible. She has no regard for the shit others do for her or the danger her daughter is in all the time. It’s actually a little ridiculous. As for the other characters they are all great additions to this story. I think that is what makes this series so great, every character is written well and helps increase the story really well! As for Tate, man that guy has got to get over himself and his obsession with Cat, it is extremely unhealthy.

Again because of this being a series I won’t go in to the story line but it is awesome and action pack, again my favorite of the series so far. A short and sweet review, mostly just a go read it haha. I’ll list the series reading order for all looking to get into the series. It does look like there is also a spin-off but I haven’t gotten into those myself but if anyone likes I can post those too.

Halfway to the Grave: A Night Huntress Novel

One Foot in the Grave: A Night Huntress Novel

At Grave’s End: A Night Huntress Novel

Destined for an Early Grave (Night Huntress, Book 4): A Night Huntress Novel

This Side of the Grave: A Night Huntress Novel

One Grave at a Time: A Night Huntress Novel

Up From the Grave: A Night Huntress Novel

Outtakes from the Grave (Night Huntress Book 8)

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Book Review: One Foot In The Grave by Jeaneine Frost

 If you haven’t read Halfway to the Grave (check out my review) I suggest you should. This is an ongoing series, this being the second book, and I suggest starting with book 1. I am enjoying this series, it is well written and the world building is very well done. Lot’s happens in this book in such a short time. The heroine Cat has definitely grown on me in this one but still got on my nerves a little. She really does think about herself first. What I mean by that is she is always so fast to defend herself not ever thinking about what others may be feeling. She does this even in the third book so it is obviously just her character but it’s a little hard to feel for her when she is only thinking about herself. Cat is an extremely bad ass heroine and I enjoy these types of reads but I will say that she needs to remember she is half human and sometimes she’s going to have limitations but acts as if she doesn’t. I felt Bones took too long to come into the story. To me he is such a huge part of the story, the best part of it, and I couldn’t wait for him to enter the story. So of course when he did the story got so much better, for me anyhow haha. I like that he wasn’t real hard on Cat but she needs to learn from this huge mistake she made in book 1(I’m not telling haha huge spoiler) cause she makes a similar mistake by not talking to Bones towards the end and almost screws everything up again. It kinda goes a long with her thinking she’s a god and can do anything but she really needs to learn from her mistakes, and for the most part does, which is nice to see from a character cause that isn’t always the case. I won’t go into too much detail about the book cause you really need to read the first book before going into this one.

I have a few notes from the book I’ll share with you so you can see my thoughts while I was reading. They are straight from my brain so be warned haha. The first will be a quote from the book then my thoughts after.

So I couldn’t afford to let him know how much I still cared. All I could do was play it cool–and hope Bones bought the act enough to leave me this time. –  Bah really for such a smart woman she really is still very much naive and grates on my nerves!

“Isn’t this a proper flashback to her childhood? You’re bloody woman; can’t you see she’s choking?”-Fuck bang on description of her terrible mother

I’m not sure if her mom is written like such a bitch for a funny factor but it’s not funny at all. She is really awful and such a bitch to everyone including Cat, I don’t understand it.

I am enjoying this series so far it’s got a really strong story line and has kept me interested. I have already read book 3 actually and am just about to leave a review for it! So pick up the first book if you haven’t already read it or if you have, move on to this one, this series is a good one. Especially if your into vampires for sure. My review makes it sound like I didn’t enjoy it but I did I just kinda wrote my thoughts, and feelings because I don’t want to give away the story.

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Book Review: Halfway To The Grave by Jeaniene Frost

 Alright people I decided to go with a paranormal romance, so I scoured the internet looking for a good one and boy did I come up with many, but something with this one stood out. The ‘infamous’ chapter 32 (I think) in book 2 of this series, One Foot In The Grave. So me being me, needing to read series from the beginning, even if they are standalone, I started with book 1.

Now just a little about me and my paranormal reading. I am not drawn to vampires….. at all. I usually steer clear of them. Twilight absolutely not, never read it, never will and have no desire to even read the synopsis. For some that is their go to, good for them, me not so much. That may be a little harsh but I know me and have no interest in it. That’s not to say I haven’t read a few but they definitely aren’t something I necessarily look for. However after reading reviews and some blog post throughout the internet about the infamous chapter 32 (or whatever it is) I was intrigued and started with book 1 so I can be more involved in the story line when I get to that specific part. Well lets just say the beginning of Halfway to the Grave: A Night Huntress Novel had me thinking hmm maybe this is going to be OK, maybe I’ll love this vampire book. By the end I’m not so sure what to think. As I am writing this I have moved on to book 2  One Foot in the Grave: A Night Huntress Novel because really I want to see what the hype is about chapter 32 haha. So obviously I enjoyed the first book enough to continue but let’s get into that shall we.

The heroine Cat, or one of her various aliases, is ridiculously annoying for at least half the book. But in her own right a little bad ass. She is half human half vampire and HATES all vampires. To me this is a little confusing, doesn’t she understand how a vampire thinks even a little? You’ll understand what I mean if you read it. Her mother is awful, at first you want to feel sorry for her but all in all she is a bitch who probably doesn’t even love her own daughter because of her being half vampire. Granted what happened to her justifies her hating vampires, herself, but her daughter is half vampire so she should have a care for that! Well that rant over back to the story haha. Cat is out killing vampires, albeit weak ones, and runs into a master vamp named Bones. Now I won’t go into detail but they strike up a deal and become partners of sorts. This is where the love story for these two starts. That part of the story is pretty good, however Cat is extremely judgmental, selfish, narrow-minded and kinda full of herself. Here bones says it best.

 “No, there’s one more reason I kept it from you. I didn’t want to give you another reason to hate vampires. It’s not like you aren’t already predisposed to it. You tend to judge people for what they are, rather than what they do, if they don’t have a pulse.”  

Now speaking of Bones I loved him! He made the story for me! He put up with a lot from Cat. Granted I think he maybe saw past all her bullshit and saw what she could be. While I was reading all I could think was “sure Cat you have it bad but some have it way worse than you”! Then Bones proved that by telling her about his life before he was turned and she was still only thinking about herself.

That dark gaze didn’t waver. “I just told you that I used to be a thief, a beggar, and a whore. Is it really fair for you to cry foul over my question?” Put like that, he had a point.

She was so juvenile! This is one of those times I could have thrown my kindle across the room and I don’t say that lightly. She was doing this all the time making her problems out to be worse than everyone else’s, when that wasn’t the case at all, her’s were almost childish compared to his. As I said I loved Bones he was brutally honest.

You play the hand you’re dealt just like everyone else in this bloody world. You have gifts people would kill for, no matter that you scorn them. You have a mum who loves you and a nice house to go home to. Sod your backwoods neighbors who look down their ignorant noses at you for your lack of a father. This world is a big place and you’ve got an important role to play in it. Think everyone goes around whistling about the life they lead? Think everyone is given the power to choose the way their fate goes? Sorry, luv, it doesn’t work that way. You hold the ones you love close and fight the battles you can win, and that, Kitten, is how it is.”

I think Cat needed his brutal honesty to grow up a little and see things from a different perspective. I think her mom drilled into her head for so long, vampires are evil, that she didn’t even think about anything other than that. She was VERY naive through a good portion of the book. It kinda took a lot to pull her head outta her ass.

 All I’m saying is that sooner or later, you’ll have to come to terms with yourself. You can’t wish away the vampire in you, and you shouldn’t keep atoning for it. You should figure out who you are and what you need, and then don’t apologize for it. Not to me, to your mum, or to anyone.”

This is where the story picked up for me. She pulled her head outta her ass and realized she needed to except herself. The story actually got good here and I enjoyed reading the rest of it. She was pretty bad ass but that being said everyone has a limited and she maybe crossed that a little but it made for decent reading so I’ll give it a pass haha. My review makes it sound as if I didn’t enjoy reading this book but that isn’t the case. The author did a great job of building her world and the twists and turns, revelations and suspense were well written. I enjoyed all of that. I enjoyed the humor she added and even laughed out loud a time or two!

“How did you know he was a vampire when you saw him? Did you know, or did you not find out until he tried to have an artery party?”

The book kept my interest. Other than not liking the heroin for a good half of the book I can’t say the story didn’t keep me intrigued and for that reason I have continued to the next book and we’ll have to see from there. Man that was a wordy review sorry! I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in paranormal romance especially the vampire kind. I normally lean more to shifter or magical type paranormal romance but so far, if you can look past the juvenile heroine from the start (I mean she is young and has to grow up some how), you will likely enjoy this series. Give it a shot Bones is worth it, plus I really need to get to this infamous chapter haha.

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Book Review: Rogue (Phoenix Rising Series) by Brynley Blake

 Shout out to that cover HELLO! As for the book…. MEH it was OK. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it. It was just a read. I never felt connected to this book, not the characters or the story it was just reading. Which ended up being a little frustrating. I got this booked because it sounded not only interesting and fun but a little suspenseful and it had all those elements but it just didn’t have the feels. I wanted to enjoy this book, I love navy SEALS and the idea of doing a bucket list of someone else’s sounded fun. I just didn’t feel it, I wanted to, really wanted to but it felt like I was just reading. The story line was there and the writing was pretty good but the connection between the characters was just not there for me which made the rest of it kinda just meh. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood for this book but it almost got repetitive for me. It almost felt like the story got lost in the sex, if that makes any sense. I love a good sex scene and these were done well but I wanted to read the story and had to skim some of the sex which doesn’t happen too often for me. I am usually so lost in the story that I read every word but this one had me skimming some of the sex scenes. The story is about McKenzie travelling around the world trying to finish her dead brother’s bucket list. She meets an ex navy SEAL Noah who wants to help her with it. He has other reasons for wanting to help her, it turns out her brother sold a bunch of guns to a Mexican drug cartel and they have been lost since his death and many people are looking to find them for their own nefarious reasons. This starts their love story and their travels through the bucket list, with the idea to find the guns (this is Noah’s reason for the bucket list McKenzie doesn’t know about them til the end). Part of my disconnection with this story was as a SEAL Noah should be on alert with everything but some things he just glosses over and that just isn’t how a SEAL would think. He was very bad ass with most everything but I think the whole glossing over may have been put in to intensify the story but it just led me to think he should have been more alert. I don’t know I’m not explaining it well! I just finished reading it a bit ago and maybe haven’t had enough time to process it and should have waited to write a review. I just didn’t love it, it got me a little frustrated and left me a little unsatisfied. It turns out this was the start to a series and we have to wait to find out more about the plot but through a different couple and I may read that one (I haven’t decided) maybe it will be better with the suspense actually being suspenseful. Maybe that story will flow a little better, maybe I’ll feel a better connection to the characters. Maybe that is all wishful thinking, I guess I’ll have to wait to see when the next book comes out if I’m in the mood for it. I wouldn’t say this was a bad book by any means, it was all there and others may love it, it could have just been my mood. I do suggest reading it if you’re in the mood for a little adventure and a navy SEAL.

“The universe granted me a second chance and led me to you. In that one defining moment in Las Vegas, the opening appeared and you were there, waiting for me, and I stepped through and claimed what was mine. You were meant for me, sweetheart. Our love is beyond the confines of time and space.”

I’ll leave you with that! I think I’ll go look for something in the paranormal romance catergory just something different, or something super funny! Any suggestions?

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Book Review: Head Tripped by Nicole Archer

 Alright so if you haven’t read Road-Tripped: A Sexy Romantic Comedy (Ad Agency Series Book 1) then I suggest you should, cause that book was hilarious and the beginner to this series. This book is about a different couple and can be read as a standalone but definitely better if read in order, in my opinion. This story was different then I expected not necessarily in a bad way, I was just expecting more humor. It lacked the comedy of the first. I knew it would be more serious with Effie (love that name) being a recovering addict but I did expect that this authors humor from the first book and her characters free spirit would shine through. It was definitely more serious than I thought however it was still very good. The writing is very good and draws you in and you get to know and feel the characters. But I have to say some of the things that happened to Effie as the story progressed made me a bit angry for her, seriously had she not been through enough in her life that a little success was much to ask for. It did prove that she is a fighter though and she wasn’t about to be kicked again while she was down which was really nice to read. The love story between Effie and Elias was a really nice read, for the most part they realized the were meant to be and fought for each other, they had ups and downs but all couples do, a few misunderstandings but really part of that is from their pasts and they both had hard pasts to come back from. From the stories point of view I liked the road trip of Europe with a band, that would have been one hell of a time in my opinion. The way the author described the cities and situations they got up to it made it all seem very real, she did a very excellent job of that, very fun to read about. It gave the book that little extra bit of fun it needed to relieve the seriousness of it all. So a little about the story…….

Effie is a recovering addict. She was pushed extremely hard as a child (by her terrible mother) to be the best violinist. Since she has an ear for music she was very good and pushed to be even better which then caused arthritis. For the arthritis she started on pain meds and ended up upgrading to harder shit until she hit rock bottom. Fast forward a few years and she is clean trying to make up for her mistakes, this is when she meets Elias. She has no idea he is a rock star and he loves that about her so they spend some time together and really start to like one another. Elias heads off on tour and his band is in dire need of some help so he calls Effie to join them and this is where the fun starts. The band eventually falls in love with Effie and then the ups and downs start. I’m not going into detail here you’ll have to read it yourself haha. However it is a fun read and I do recommend it, this author is a definite read for me now and I’ll be stalking her to see when her next book is out!

Then she heard something else. Music. She froze in her tracks. “Is he here?” Callie kissed her cheek and removed the dishrag. A group of musicians were playing out by the pool—Missy and Griffin and Cato. Next to them, stood a bodyguard, an acupuncturist, a Disco Bus driver, and Walker, wearing a big dimpled grin. And in the center of them all, under an arc of flowers, a handsome man with long dark hair played guitar. He sang about secret gardens and candy slides, lollipops and horsey rides, tree houses and pale skin, chaos and identical twins, puffy clouds and bright blue skies, violins and disguises, half oranges and pretty little trees, and making music with his wild Effie bomb—his heaven, and the love of his life. On the last note, an explosion followed, and the door to her soul burst open, and love beamed out of her, brighter than the sun. Elias set down his guitar and knelt in front of her. “F-bomb Murphy, te amo . I love you. Will you marry me?” “Are you sure?” she whispered. “Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Callie said. Walker covered her sister’s mouth. Elias answered her with a warm soulful smile. “Yes, amor, I’m sure.” She kneeled down with him. “Then, yes, I’ll marry you.” He slipped a beautiful blue ring on her finger, and everyone cheered and banged on instruments. It was the sound of love, true love, and also the finale of her opera.

That about sums up the high jinx and of course you got Callie’s dirty mouth haha. I love that the sisters worked out their problems in the end too, it was a little rushed but really nice to have that bond back for them. I do recommend this book I felt for poor Effie and all the shit she was dealt in her life I was happy to see her happy! Get yourself a copy now and follow on their journey, like I said this author can take you on a trip and I was happy to go on it!

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Book Review: Road-Tripped by Nicole Archer

 This book was hilarious! I loved it! From what I can understand this is a debut novel and this lady can write. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like the heroine she was really just a bitch. Granted she had some shit done to her recently and you learn about that close to the middle so you can sympathize with her but at the start she was kinda hard, just hard. So that being said I figured nope not going to like this one but that just wasn’t the case. She came out of her shell and turned things around big time. I loved it!

Holyshitnipples!- My new favorite saying from this book!

So to go into the book a little. The Hero and Heroine both work at this ad agency and they have this RV client, their campaign alone will save the company. The idea is to send a “couple” on a trip in one of their RV’s along the coast of the states. Now side note from me wouldn’t that be fantastic I would love to do that! OK back to the story…… the female employee supposed to go on the trip is pregnant and has the worst morning sickness so they send the heroine Callie. This is the start of the rocky road trip because she thinks the hero Walker is a manwhore and wants nothing to do with him. From here on out they have trial and tribulations but almost all of them are hilarious!

Every hair on her body stood up, including her pubic hair.

From getting stoned with grandma, crazy nudist RV park, almost being eaten by an alligator and so many more hilarious run ins things start to heat up between Callie and Walker and I loved the whole ride. There were definitely some insecurities and misunderstandings but it all worked out and they weren’t as bad as some of these stories have. In my opinion the last misunderstanding wasn’t needed it could have worked a different way. In no way did this take away from the story I still enjoyed it and it was written well and kinda proved that Callie was willing to fight for them and not make Walker work for it all the time. So in the end it all worked for sure!

“Oh, sorry, Grandma. Didn’t realize you had bingo in the morning.”- even Walker had some really good one liners

I laughed out loud so many times. At one point I actually had to read a part out loud to my boyfriend because it was just so damn funny. As much as it was funny and made me feel like getting into a large silver dildo (you’ll understand when you read the book) and tour the states, it also had some depth and great story development that some of these romantic comedies don’t pull off all the way. All in all I liked it and there is already a second book with Callie’s sister as the main character and I think her story will also be funny but I think her’s will have way more depth cause she has been through so much and we only had a peak through Callie’s point of view. So I am of to read her story but if you haven’t you NEED to read this one so good, so funny, and super hot too.

The only real criticism I would have, and it may just be a me thing, but enough with giving the finger in all different ways it’s not that funny, to me, and it seems a little juvenile. Anyways it didn’t bother me enough to damper the book for me I still loved it so go click up there on the pic of it and order it and give it a read! A definite recommend from me I loved it! Well I’m off to read the next in the series!

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Book Review: Billionaire Husband by Sam Crescent

 I rarely read novellas because I feel like there isn’t enough time to connect to the characters or to develop a good story line. Some authors can do this and it blows me away that such a quick read can establish so much emotion and connection. Some authors can not and this read didn’t blow me away. It was an OK read with real potential but it was far too rushed for my liking. It could have been a really great story if it was fleshed out a little more, I loved the idea of it but it just felt too rushed. The other issue I had, was for such a short story the mistakes should be really low but in this story that wasn’t the case. This is not something I ever bitch about but this one was hard to over look I mean in one of the sex scenes she is giving him a blow job and it says he lightly places his forehead against her’s how is that possible no man, or anyone for that matter, can bend in half like then and she still has his dick in her mouth? That just isn’t happening.

So enough of my rant, about the story. We have a couple that were kinda an arranged marriage type thing for bettering the businesses. Well turns out neither is as the other expected and they have bad sex once a month to produce an heir but live separately and have nothing to do with each other until one day that changes. All the hero wanted was a passionate wife, well turns out he has one and just didn’t know it so he goes about rectifying that. That’s where the story takes off but by this time we are already just about halfway through the book. I wouldn’t say this was a terrible book it had real potential and a decent story line it just wasn’t long enough to connect the characters or to really feel what they were feeling. It was a decent short read if you over look the mistakes and the shortness but some people really enjoy short stories. If you’re looking for a short quick read then this would be a good one to go with.

Their marriage had started out rocky, but now they were stronger than ever. He loved Addie with all of his heart, and she made him a better person. They had been married six years. The first three years didn’t count. The last three had been the best of his life, and he couldn’t wait for the next fifty years with her.  

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