Book Rant

Hey there everybody! I am going to go on a bit of a rant today. Why is it so hard to find a good book these days? With so many options out there you would think finding a good author or even just a good read would be easy to come by but it isn’t. In the last few weeks I found a really good author and I’m reading through her books but not binge reading for the simple fact I don’t want to finish all her books just yet. But trying to find something in between is getting so hard. It seems so many authors have jumped on the same band wagon and it’s hard to find something to read. When I first started reading romance I found so many great authors and great reads with only a few eye roll inducing reads in between and now it feels like I find only a few great reads in between bleh books. What’s happening? Is it me changing my views, have I read everything good out there, am I not looking in the right places? I just don’t know any more. I have this huge craving to just read but I can’t seem to find read after read that I love. Just a few books here and there for me aren’t enough. I want to finish a book I love and pick up another that is just as good if not better. I want the book hangovers and the stories in my head all the time. The yell it from the roof tops how awesome a book is. The can’t put this book down feeling. The eye rolls from my boyfriend being like these aren’t real people Stacey give it up but still listening to me tell him the story cause it’s so fricking interesting. What happened to these books where have they gone? Or the hilariously written books that I HAVE to read out loud to him so he gets the jokes too, I haven’t had one of those in so long! Maybe this is just me bitching and have found a low spot in books I feel like reading, maybe I’m being too picky, maybe I have too high of expectations for other reads after reading something really good. Whatever the problem is I’d like a solution cause I don’t want to become bored while reading, it’s what I love and my form of entertainment. I just need to get back on track with fantastic reads. I’m sure everyone goes through times like these and this is just a real big one for me haha. Maybe my standards are too high after so many years but I didn’t set those standards its just whatever I like or the way I feel while reading so that may be impossible. Maybe with this post I should ask for any reads from others that got them out of their book slumps or books/authors that are absolute must read?

Are you in the same situation or have you ever been? What book got you out of your slump? Let me know and maybe we could do a ‘get out of a book slump’ post! 

Happy Reading!


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