Book Review: Going Nowhere Fast by Kati Wilde

 Holy what a most fantastic book! I absolutely loved this book, it was just everything! The emotion is unreal how well it is written. I can’t remember the last time I felt a book so hard I was full on crying and this book did that to me. I laughed, cried, teared up a few times, swooned and had that dip in my belly so many times. I have never read anything from this author before and I am so glad I chose to because she can write like you wouldn’t believe. She puts you right into the story and you just FEEL everything that is happening. Honestly I want to go back and re-read it now just thinking about it!

“Okay. And we’re going to call a truce, all right? As much of a truce as we can. Because I don’t want to spend this entire trip fighting. Even though you’re a self-righteous dick.”

Aspen would describe Bram as a rich, arrogant, asshole but we later find out he really isn’t and he has a bunch of issues that make him lash out more than he should. But what Aspen doesn’t know about her self is that she has stuff she should work on too. That stuff doesn’t really get address to the fullest by the end because maybe some don’t find it an issue but it kinda was. She was easy to judge Bram about his money and how he saw others as beneath him, but he never said that as much as she read that in his words, this is where some tension between them comes in and it added so much to the story. I usually dislike this kinda thing however this author made it work so fricking well.

He probably deserves another plaque. On this sidewalk, Bramwell Gage deigned to suffer a peasant’s touch upon his arm—but only through his sleeve, mind you.

Lot’s of the stuff she was judgy on was made into funny little things so it made it lighter to read. I actually loved Bram you could actually tell he was in love with her for so long and trying to hold himself back. He was everything you look for in that alpha type character, except when he was being a dick but by the end you realize what his deal was and he wasn’t actually being a dick. He also was a fricking fantastic dirty talker and that just makes him even more lovable!

He pulls into our site and kills the engine. “Get into the tent,” he says, and his voice is a low growl. “I don’t care which one. You have until I get the site locked down for the night. Then I’m coming after you. And we’ll see who owns who.”

I enjoyed all the little things Bram did for Aspen to try to help her out like the swimming lesson he was giving her, not only was it sweet of him to try to teach her but so fricking hot. This is where their relationship starts to turn into something else entirely and boy are we in for a fun and crazy ride.This book really did have everything even the laugh out loud moments, the feels are unreal and everything in between is just so good, no real filler in this book everything added to the story. The ending could have been a bit ‘more’ in my opinion especially the epilogue but that could have been more me not wanting the story to be over.

I recommend this story like crazy it was just so good! I am off to look up more from this author and start reading everything I can of hers! I’m going to leave you with a little tease of my favorite scene.

I reach the side of the pool and cling to the edge, but it’s too high to pull myself out. Using the concrete lip of the pool to walk hand over hand, I start toward the deep end, heading for the nearest ladder. Long arms cage me from behind. “The lesson’s not done.” But I am. Throat aching, I shake my head. My voice is a harsh rasp as I say, “Can we just begin Truce Number Three now? Please?” He’s silent behind me for an endless moment. Then his biceps bunch as he pulls himself closer, not touching me but surrounding me, his fingers taut beside mine on the pool’s edge. Gruffly he says, “Why do we need another truce? What happened to Number Two?” “I don’t know. You tell me. You’re the one who’s mad at me.” “I’m not mad at you.” My arms are shaking from the strain of hanging from the lip of the pool. “So you’re just being a surly asshole for no reason. Great.” His sigh is heavy. “I’m not pissed at you,” he says again. “Could have fooled me.” “I’m angry at myself.” I glance back but can’t see anything except his wide shoulders looming behind me, his arms still caging me in. “For what? Because you couldn’t teach me how to float right away?” “No. Because—just turn around.” Not going to happen. Not while I’m hanging here. “I can’t touch bottom.” “I can. Just hold on to me instead.” Bram doesn’t give me any time to think about that. His forearm dropping like an iron bar across my stomach, he drags me back against him and I automatically turn, my hands searching out the strength of his shoulders and clinging. Then my breath stops when his hand against my back urges me closer, my small breasts flattening against the hardness of his chest. My belly presses against something harder. My gaze flies up. He’s looking down at me, his dark eyes burning with intensity. Rigid with uncertainty, I shake against him. “Bram?” “This is why,” he says roughly. “Because every damn time you touch me, all I can think about doing is—” Kissing me. That must be what he was thinking of, because that’s what he’s doing, his mouth crashing down on mine. And for an instant I can’t think at all, except to realize—Bram’s not a robot. He’s a volcano. Hot and explosive. And he’s kissing me. Oh god. And he’s really good at it.

I hope so many people read this book it was just so fricking good, not many books make me full on cry and this book did! Loved it! Happy Reading!

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