Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all you lovely people out there! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend and have been able to pick up a good book. I decided to post a few of my all time favorites for those of you that are looking for a really good, put a smile on your face read. I have a few reviews coming up that hopefully I can post tomorrow after the hectic day of cooking, drinking and family today haha. So here are some of my favorites, if I have the time today I may just sit down to start a reread of one of these goodies! Enjoy your day everyone! Take care!

 I think this may be my all time favorite Kristen Ashley

 And because I can never choose I also really love this one!

    Great series and the first one looks like it’s free right now!

 An oldie but so so good!

 Really anything from Mariana Zapata such a great author!

 I read this a long time ago but remember it being decent. A little more on the erotic side but with a good story line.

Clearly these aren’t all my favorites but just a little something if you’re looking for a known good book! Happy Easter all and Happy reading!

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