Book Review: The Aftermath by R.J Prescott

 Well can R.J Prescott write or what! She did such a great job of this book also. This story is told all from O’Connell’s point of view and if I loved him in The Hurricane then this book solidified how much I really do love him! He is not only a fighter in the ring but in life also and he deserved the ending he and Emily finally got.

In the corner, past all the kids knocking about on bags and doing their circuits, sat the old, weathered boxing ring in all her majesty. Before this thing was over, she would bring me to my knees and remind me that, no matter how much I thought I knew about fighting, she would always show me I had more to learn.

Their trials and tribulations in this book were so much more than the first and the author makes you FEEL like it’s you who just can’t see the end and to almost feel defeated but these characters don’t know the word defeat and they keep fighting. It was so amazing to read such solid strong characters. They all were behind O’Connell to fight his greatest fight even though there was so much going on around them. You felt the family in them and the added push to better themselves. It was just such a great read.

I might have been Irish but I was local and doing something to better myself, and that made me their hero. Those kids worked me harder than Danny ever did. Eventually he gave up giving me orders and let the kids do it. They’d shout at me to go faster for just one more lap. Afterward I ran back to the gym through Canning Town Recreation Ground, and they almost always followed me.

The relationship between Emily and O’Connell was still solid and so great to read. Emily wasn’t written quite as well in my opinion but she was also going through way more emotionally in this book so that could have been why or because she was written from his point of view, maybe, but it didn’t ruin the story or anything like that just a little note of my opinion. This was definitely a happily ever after and everything was worked out in their favor. I wanted to shout out when the one thing happened to her step father so good to see a monster like him get what he deserved. This was another really great read and I think this author is now on my read everything she writes list because she can tell a story and draw you in and make you feel like your part of the story. I loved it and recommend everyone to enjoy her fantastic writing. I’ll definitely be picking up Kieran’s story The Storm. I’m probably going to read a few other books first just because this chick can write and I may need a really good read again and I know I will get that with her books. Pick this author up people!

Life isn’t about settling for what you have and making the best of it. It’s about getting back up when everyone else around you is counting you out, and fighting for what you want. 

Happy Reading!

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