Book Review: Hurricane by R. J Prescott

 Fantastic book! I can not believe that this was R.J Prescott’s debut novel. The writing was just awesome. She drew you into the characters and kept you there. I haven’t read another book since this and the second novel  The Aftermath (The Hurricane), only because I couldn’t find anything with the same feeling. Emily and O’Connell are just so good together and they needed one another more than most people need their soul mate. Poor Emily sure had a terrible upbringing after her dad died and you could feel her fear through the writing. I felt for this girl like she was real, sitting across from me, telling me her story. Throughout the whole story I just kept thinking how hard does one girl have to fight, how many times can she get knocked down, can’t she just have her happily ever after all ready, why does life have to be so damn HARD. I loved her character even though she was so scared, running from her step father, and almost meek, she started coming out of her shell and really showed what a true fighter she was. She was an extremely strong heroine and almost one of the best I’ve ever read. Also extremely smart, not just book smart, but smart enough to realize she needed to fight her own mind of the need to run and just stay with her new family, that she had made, and fight. She did try to fight her attraction to O’Connell at first and that got a little annoying but only because I would have been all over him being my man right from the beginning haha. Now O’Connell what a fantastic hero he fought for her right from the get go, even when she was still saying “we are just friends” he was planning their forever.

“I’m gonna give you the fuckin world, baby,” he whispered against my lips.

First who doesn’t love a good Irish man accent and all! This man was just everything for Em that she needed. It has been a long time since I have read a fighter book and after reading this one I have no idea why I haven’t read more or even why it took me so long to pick this book up it. These male characters are just so hard-core, strong, well-developed, alphas, it was hard to put the book down. The men at Danny’s gym made themselves a family and invited Em into it and made it seem like she was always a part of it. Danny himself was a great addition to the gang. A lot like the father that both Emily and O’Connell needed and never really had. That family was always there for each other and always willing to help the others out. Such a great dynamic and I think it brought the story together even better, it made you want to be a part of them as well.

“We’re family now, Em. I’m yours and you’re mine and no one can take that away from us unless we let them.” 

Their little family meant more to them then anything else, they always had their backs.

“We have the rest of our lives to get to know each other, the good and the shite. As for the fuckers who want to try to keep us apart, let them try. They don’t call me the Hurricane for nothing.”

There were ups and downs and trials and tribulations that all characters have to deal with but the amount that was communicated between all the characters made you know that instead of unnecessary drama it was like how actual friends and family would deal with situations and I think I enjoyed that most of all. The story line was solid and really well pulled off. But the actual relationship between these two characters was so solidly written I just couldn’t get enough of them. Of course there is some action, suspense and a little drama but it was all so good, if I gave out stars it would be more than 5 for sure such a great read. Now when I got to the end I thought wow R.J can really write but there are a few things that should have been cleared up, well little did I know there is a fricking sequel! Yay me! This wasn’t a cliffhanger ending but just left with somewhere for the next book to go. I loved this book I would recommend it to everyone! Fantastic writing, R.J Prescott is brilliant!

I couldn’t believe he didn’t think he deserved me, but then maybe the key to success in any relationship was to always be with someone you thought was better than you deserved.

Definitely read this! Happy Reading!


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