Book Overload

Ok so I have been reading the Detroit After Dark series by K.S Adkins and am enjoying it. It’s, well just really raw writing. I don’t think it’s a binge reading kinda series. The story line is continuing through all the books just with different lead characters and we are getting more understanding on what may be going on. I am liking it however after the first book the communication gets a bit lost and I’m having a harder time with it. I am on the fourth book now and it’s taking me a bit to get into it and this book was my most anticipated book of the four. So I actually think I am going to take a break and read another book just to kinda cleanse my palate so to speak. I was looking into something comedy or just an easy light read but the more I looked the less I was finding. But I got a recommendation for a similar Kristen Ashley feel series so I think I’m going to go with the first book. It is said to be funny, suspenseful, and sexy, so I am in! What book is it you ask A Date with Fate (The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod, Book 1) by Tracy Ellen. So I am off to read that now and then I’ll go back to Detroit and see how Tony and Lina will make out!

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