Book Review: Brutal by K.S Adkins

 I live in the shadows, ever watching. You never want to get a visit from me. Because if we do meet, you won’t remember it until it’s too late. My name is Venessa Cross, thanks for asking. I am justice. – Hello Bad Ass Heroine

I don’t remember how I found this book but man am I glad I did! And its a series yay! I can’t wait to see how the others make out in their books especially Tony but it looks like he’s the fourth book. So K.S Adkins must have been getting some flack for her writing cause she posted this on goodreads here’s a blurb:

But here’s the thing, I DO NOT write to make a living (although that would be tits) I write because I can’t not write. But there are author’s that do (lucky them) and maybe one day that will be me. But that day is not today.

So when a review goes from critical to cruel I do take issue with it. Especially when I catch on that it’s on behalf of others. Ladies, gentleman, aliens… whoever reads me chill the fuck out.

If you haven’t caught on yet with titles like BRUTAL, BRAWLER, BERSERK and wait for it… BALLISTIC I write over the top. I write things that I wish I could do. Take the law into my own hands? Fuck yeah, if I knew how but I don’t know how so I make shit up.

So with that being said for not being a writer as a living she writes really well! I applaud her, because writing can NOT be easy and having to take all our criticism is hard enough, people don’t need to be cruel! So that being said she did have a few mistakes with words missing and spelling errors but honestly even publishers miss shit so who can blame authors, people make mistakes. Meanwhile stuff like that doesn’t bother me, so to me, people need to get over it. As she said she writes over the top and it shows, some of it is a little far-fetched, but I read to be entertained I don’t mind a little unbelievable if it adds to the story, and I was more than entertained by this story. I loved it! She developed these characters so well and that’s the part that gets me in a story, that’s the part that I would complain about, but she made you feel these characters like you knew them. If the characters aren’t developed then you don’t have a story but not only were the characters there, so was a really great story line. It kept you intrigued, waiting, entertained, and then bam action! I can’t recommend reading Venessa and Rogan’s story enough, great read! I am off to read about Macy and Rafe now, cause how can I not continue with this series! Fanastic read!

P.S I didn’t give you much details cause I really think if you are going to read this you should EXPERIENCE everything for the first time reading it on your own, it would be more enjoyable that way!

P.S.S that blurb at the top if from the beginning and this next one if from then end. Intriguing I think so!

 My name is Venessa Cross, but you may remember me as Kharma. I stand up for those who can’t, and I’m making Detroit a safer place. You don’t ever want to find yourself on my radar, because now it’s not just me coming for you. I’ve got my team with me. If you thought I was dangerous before, you should know I’m even more dangerous now. Because now? I’ve got something to lose. My name is Venessa Cross. I am justice.

Here is the reading order also:

Brutal (Detroit After Dark Book 1)

Brawler (Detroit After Dark) (Volume 2)

Berserk (Detroit After Dark Book 3)

Ballistic (Detroit After Dark Book 4)

Also turns out there is a bundle I just found:

Detroit After Dark (4 Book Series)

Happy Reading!

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