Book Review: The Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden

 My last read of this past week was on the erotica side. It was just a novella so a quick read around 127ish pages. What drew me to this story was the nerd aspect, sometimes these are the funniest stories. Neighbors Camilla and Ivan are both smart and deal with nerdy jobs, but Ivan is the super smart one and kinda reminds you of the show The Big Bang Theory. I think that was what this author was going for and she did well with it. It did have its nerdy funny moments that remind you of the show. Where this story goes, though, with the relationship is not something you would see on Big Bang. Ivan is into BDSM, he is because he likes the control and the knowing end result, to what he put into place, kinda like his experiments. That being said it was hot, the scenes were well done and the writing was good, but something was missing for me. The author kinda made Ivan too clinical it made it seem that it really was just another science experiment which made it hard to believe this was a love story. This was also a friends to lovers story and it was nice to see that they enjoyed their friendship and it added to their relationship. Ivan likely needed that to sustain a submissive/girlfriend. He was pretty anal about a lot of stuff almost to the degree of Asperger’s syndrome so that’s why the BDSM lifestyle would work for him. But as I said something was missing he wasn’t a Dom outside of the bedroom, maybe that was it. I don’t know much about the lifestyle only what I have read in books so I have nothing to go of off here, but at some point vanilla or at least semi-vanilla sex should enter the equation, you can’t always use “props” and there was none of that here only when they said I love you did they ‘make love’ and to me that seemed unusual. I mean everyone has those middle of the night romps, you know the quick spooning sex or whatever you have the energy for in the middle of the night, or a quickie at least and I can’t imagine they didn’t have something like that. It didn’t need to be descriptive BDSM sex scenes for all the scenes, I think that would have helped ‘normalize’ them if you will ha. It was a decent story I just felt something was missing, but it was a short read so maybe that was part it. That being said it is part of a series and each book has new characters and I will be continuing on but only when I want to spice things up with an erotic novel ha. So if you’re looking for a BDSM novel this was a decent quick read look into this series. Happy reading!

A little blurb from one of the first times Ivan introduced BDSM to Camilla

In the absolute darkness, I clutched at his words like a lifeline. I reminded myself I’d chosen to try this, that I could stop if I wanted to. Only then did I realize it might well be an addiction in the making, because although I told myself I could stop, I knew I didn’t want to get to that point. I would let it continue because now I wanted to see what came next. Whether it was the science, or the sex, or simply the sheer weirdness of it all, I was hooked. 

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