Book Review: The Coppersmith Farm House by Devney Perry

 I did a bunch of reading last week and should have reviewed as soon as I was done reading but I had the craving to just read so that’s what I did. Hopefully I can do these reviews justice since it’s been a few days haha. So this book is Devney Perry’s debut novel from what I can understand and she actually did very well for a first novel. I can imagine, as she writes she is going to become a top seller since she did so well on this novel. She has the story line down but it also had a few total romance novel clichés that didn’t need to be added cause the story held its own without adding those in. I liked the idea of Gigi being such a kind person that a man she befriended and died left her a house for a new beginning and that’s what she gets is a new beginning . This is where the story starts with her moving into the farmhouse. Gigi is a single mom to a wonderful little girl who stole the show a few times, I love stories with single parents, I don’t know why but it really does draw my attention. She is also a nurse and this is where she meets the hero Jess, who happens to be a bit of a jerk to her at the beginning.

       “Are you about done drooling over me so you can finish patching him up?” he snapped.

So this was the first thing we hear outta Jess’ mouth and you are definitely thinking boy what a dick. I totally thought we were in for one of those jerky hero novels, which I actually also love, but that wasn’t really the case. He was under the impression that she was a gold digger but we never get that scene of him being out of line and her putting him in his place, which is something that I was looking forward to because Gigi was that strong heroine that would have stood up for herself and done just that. Instead Jess figures it out and makes out to get forgiveness for his original assholerey (not a word I know but I love it ha). Which is where the story goes from there and he does make up for it but has a few moments of jerkiness. They were a cute couple together, I did have a hard time with his name being Jess, for some reason I just kept thinking that was the heroine even though I knew her as Gigi but that was probably just me. The suspense was good and I enjoyed the action, she did very well with this aspect and it added to the story line for sure and it brought the story from ok to good for me especially since I didn’t know who the “bad guy” was till it came time to see it. I think the author was going for the dominant Alpha male character with Jess, especially being the sheriff she landed that a bit, but there was something missing that didn’t give him that final push to being the strong dominant character so many authors hit bang on, she did very well for her first novel though. He was a great character and totally swoon worthy.

“Worried about you, baby,” he murmured before leaning in and giving me a soft, gentle kiss on the lips. 

See totally swoon! Gigi was a strong character too however I feel like the author got lost a few times between the clichés and independence. She had the strong down she didn’t need to add the random low self-esteem, which the character didn’t have just in the well placed areas to help the story, but in my eyes it actually hindered the story. It just wasn’t needed and since the character was strong she would have stood up for herself and never allowed those instances factoring into her life later on. Again though this was a first novel and the author was bound to get caught up in a few places. All in all I’d recommend this story it is was a good read for a debut and an author to look out for, for sure, I see her doing really well even in her next book. Definitely a good debut read, pick it up! Happy Reading!

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