Book Review: Restoring Hope by CP Smith

 Oh CP smith I love her work she knows how to write a great story with strong characters and a strong story line. Her males are usually Alpha and we all know I love a good Alpha haha. I have read every book from this author and this was the last one I had to read but I think it was actually the first novel she ever published but I’m not sure. This book was a little disjointed it was told in alternate point of views and even a few of the side characters had some parts, but none of it was pointed out so one character was talking then in the next paragraph someone else was talking and you had to guess who it was. It got to be a bit confusing but throughout reading you kinda get into it and realize the different characters voices. Hope is the heroine and she has had such a tough life, I really felt for her through the story, if there ever was someone who deserved her own happy it was her. She lost her family at 12 went into foster care then got married to a monster and ended up running from the evil that was his family which ends her up in New Orleans.

The whole area gave her a sense of wonder and excitement, and the thousands of tourists who came daily helped her feel anonymous. A person could get lost here, never to be found, she’d thought. It was a perfect place for someone like her who needed to hide.

You can feel how desperate she is to hide and stay hidden from the awful life she had been living. She is strong and has fight left in her she has just been beaten down too much. Enter Nic Beuve he has his own problems and is kinda self wallowing, but who wouldn’t, his oldest daughter overdosed and he couldn’t save her and places the blame full on his shoulders. These two characters needed each other more than most. They actually ended up bringing the others true self out and it was wonderful to watch them grow together.

“Just so you know, I’m gonna kiss you now. You’re gonna protest, and I’m tellin’ you right fuckin’ now it’ll do no good.”

True Alpha form my friends! Swoon worthy moments from Nic for sure. The side characters were also well written and a good addition. Especially Miss Rose the local meddler and the one who set the whole “getting them together” thing in motion but she only had love in sight and these two needed it more than many.

      “Angel, I’ve had a glimpse of heaven and tasted paradise, if you think I’d be any place else you’d be wrong.”

This author always says she believes in insta-love and she is one author that sets the stage so well you almost don’t realize it’s insta-love, you just feel like they were meant to be together. Very well done each and every time. The story had fantastic flow, great characters, side characters that added to the story, suspense and great action. All what I look for in a story. This novel was well written it had a few problems with the dialogue not being plain who was speaking but in all her other books she worked that out. All in all another good read from CP Smith! Happy Reading!

 “How come you never showed me this side before?”

“You were too busy looking over your shoulder to see what was right in front of you.”

“What was right in front of me?”

“Your future, angel, all six foot two inches of him,” Nic explained then brushed his lips across hers until she opened her mouth.

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