Review: The Chapelwick Mysteries Series by Kitty French

  So I read both of these books in the past 2 days so I’m just posting the reviews together, because so far they are pretty similar. I liked the story, it isn’t really paranormal more just Melody can see and talk to ghost. So it doesn’t really seem that out there of a concept. So it starts of by Melody starting her own “ghost-busting” business, but really she is more of an investigator into why these ghost are still around and haunting the places. It’s all rather interesting and with the mystery it actually takes time even for the reader to figure out the ‘who did it’ mystery. And I love that, I hate knowing the whole book who was the culprit! They call this a cozy mystery, I wasn’t sure what that was till I started this, now I’m only speculating but I think it’s the nobody get hurt in the process of figuring it out kinda thing. Now it has British humor and Melody had some pretty funny thoughts running through her head, she also kinda got a little lost in her funny thoughts which was quite entertaining at times.

                              ” Fletcher Gunn just made me girly”

Melody is more the skinny jeans and converse, strong-willed kind of girl. She is actually a pretty good character. She has a fiery Sicilian best friend Marina and that girl has Melody’s back no matter what. Everyone deserves a friend like her cause she picks Melody up when needed, jokes when needed and hugs when needed. Some of her uplifting speeches were something every best girlfriend should say to their friend in need, she was an absolute awesome side character. Now Artie I think he was my favorite and he’s coming out of his shell more throughout the books and I think he’ll end up a super funny addition. I find myself kinda wanting him and Marina to end up together just cause they are kinda cute together. Fletcher Gunn the potential love interest is another fantastic character and so far there haven’t been any real sexy times but their chemistry is of the charts people. I’m finding this build up to actually add to the story, I’m happy they didn’t just jump into bed together, when they do it is going to be explosive. I haven’t read anything else by Kitty French but I heard she can write a steamy scene so all this build up will make it even better.

     ‘I promise not to make a fool of you,’ he murmurs, and his hand slides up the side of my neck until his fingers massage into my hair. ‘Or hurt you, or destroy your heart the way he did.’

He’s pretty swoon worthy and has dirty talk down too! There are also additional characters that add to the story, the ex-boyfriend ghost-hunter, the crazy Gran, the meddling mother and the crazy pug. Some stuff kinda pisses you of cause you feel like you’re in her shoes while your reading and other stuff makes you think ‘what is really happening here’, but everything always adds to the story. I never was left wondering what was happening or where was she going with this, the suspense was decent too, it was good writing and really good storytelling. I would say this was on the light and easy side of reading but I did still enjoy it and am going to read the next in the series when it comes out. Good job Kitty French I may just have to look into other work from you. Enjoy and Happy Reading!


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