Book Review: Saint by A. Zavarelli

 OK can we start this post of with hello awesome book cover! I was very unsure if I wanted to read this book, I’ve read all other 3 books in this series and really enjoyed the writing from A. Zavarelli. Of course the whole mob story line for me is always a plus, but I wasn’t sure if I’d like this one. Scarlett was pretty hardcore in the other books and I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy her story as much and for the first little bit I had a hard time with her. However I was recommended to read this from a fellow blogger and all of her reviews of the other books were spot on so I had to give this one a go. In the end I really did enjoy this one, but I have got to say I had a lot of conflicted emotions throughout and I honestly wasn’t sure I would end up having much good to say about this one. Turns out the story redeemed itself and I ended up actually enjoying the story. So lets start on my emotions for this story, I had a very hard time connecting with Scarlett at the beginning. She was very much lost to her own hate and revenge that I didn’t see her coming away from that or even growing up into the strong woman she had raised herself to be. When she was younger she had an extremely traumatic situation happen to her, it was awful, but by the time it was described I didn’t feel it gave it justice to how awful it all was. Honestly it probably should have been the prologue so we understood why she was so damaged and filled with hate and revenge. As for some of her actions I just didn’t understand them, she could have asked Rory for help, I get that she was a ‘lone wolf’ but honestly your around the mafia you’d think to pick up some pointers. I think she was so blind to her rage that she couldn’t think past that and was making very irrational decisions and kinda stuck in her trauma that she made very naive choices. Like for instance when she finally realized Rory is in the mafia and could be of some help to her she doesn’t go about it in a smart way she uses him and essential fucks things up, but that’s not even enough to smarten her up and learn from it she is just blind to everything around her it seems. This is why I think she was still suck in the naive teenager stage of her life, she had street smarts I’ll give you that, but she was so used to drugging her “victims” that she didn’t really understand anything beyond that. This is where help from Rory would have come in extremely well, she could have learned a lot. He said something about her control issues running so deep that they actually made her vulnerable and that was when I started to understand Scarlett a bit more and it started to turn the book around for me. Her need for control was holding her back from so much even her revenge. Don’t get me wrong for a while there I thought Rory was WAY to good for Scarlett, hello Saint, because he needed to put up with a lot of her shit to get to the Scarlett he loved but he put up a damn good fight.

“Scarlett, I like you. But I don’t take orders from anyone. So ye need to get that through your fucking head before you speak to me like that again.”    

Oh Rory the good old boy always smiling and joking and having a great time, but don’t be fooled, he stood up for himself when needed and he has one hell of a temper. And he wanted Scarlett and he was going to fight for her even if he had to fight her to get her!

                     “I won’t let you ruin this before it even gets started.”

He put up with a lot from her and at the beginning I thought too much. But really she needed someone to save her and that someone needed to be as strong as Rory. She really should have had therapy not just her revenge therapy, I mean that helped but for anyone that goes through something like that they need to realize who they are without the blinding rage.

“You won’t use me to punish yourself,” he says. “Whatever crazy notion you’ve got up in that head of yours, let it go now. Relax. You have the control to tell me to stop whenever ye want, sweetheart. And I will. But trust me a little, can ye?”

Now this is when things started to turn around a bit for me, Scarlett started to let him in a bit, not a lot but enough to see a bit of a decent Scarlett start to come out. She started to make better choices and the story started to pick up. Then the story came to some suspense and then the action, one thing I can say about A. Zavarelli is she knows how to pack the action and it is always really well done. In the end I turned out to enjoy Scarlett, and Rory was awesome the whole book. It was nice to catch up a bit with the other characters since its been awhile since I read the other books. The story ended up keeping me wanting the whole way even when I was fed up with Scarlett’s behaviour. So all in all a good addition to the series! The epilogue could have been a bit more in-depth with Scarlett’s revenge over and new life beginning, maybe she could have been a small help to Rory in some way since she was kinda badass. However a decent read and not only was Rory all kinds of awesome the sexy times were pretty good also. Well done on the series so far A. Zavarelli definitely a series I’ll continue and I’m glad I read this one!

Boston Underworld reading order:

CROW (Boston Underworld Book 1)

REAPER (Boston Underworld Book 2)

GHOST (Boston Underworld Book 3)

SAINT (Boston Underworld Book 4)

There also looks to be a bundle too:

Boston Underworld (4 Book Series)

Happy Reading!


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