Book Review: Dishonorable by Natasha Knight

 This book was OK it had a good story line going for it but didn’t really live up to the build up. I thought this was going to be a bit on the darker side and it didn’t really get there. The main character Raphael was supposed to be this monster but he really wasn’t he was just broken. You could tell he was broken. He did have a bad temper but it didn’t make him a monster. Sophia was young, naive and sometimes a little silly in her line of thinking. I think she was written this way to make Raphael seem more like a monster but it didn’t really work out that way. Like I said the story line was there for this book but it just didn’t make me FEEL their love story or at the beginning the hate. I didn’t get the angry feeling at the beginning I should have, or the hurt that should have been there or even the happiness I should have felt at the end. It is a HEA I just didn’t feel any different feelings, just, well another book read. It had a bit of action, some betrayal from some characters and hurt feelings but really I didn’t get to feel that so it was just reading to me. It wasn’t an awful read but it wasn’t the great read I’m looking for. It was just OK. If you’re looking for something that has that girl sold to a guy for a debt kinda read then this one is OK, just be aware it doesn’t have all the feels and edge of your seat feelings to it. Decent sexy times so that helps but again not amazing. Like I said it was just reading to me. Maybe I’m back to being in a bit of a reading rut again Bah hahaha. Anyhow enjoy it if you read it! Happy reading!

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