Book Rant

Ok so I have decided to do a rant because man am I ever tired of reading books with terrible characters. I read a book recently that I will not name cause that is just not nice but honestly it was terrible. I think the author was trying to make stuff funny that just wasn’t. For instance the hero was a playboy so to speak but in the end she kinda made it seem like maybe people were a bit mistaken which is fine but a page didn’t go by when it wasn’t mentioned and his ‘friends’ made fun of him constantly for it but not in a funny way at all, it actually became very cruel and I didn’t understand how these people could actually be his so-called friends. It was awful and I felt so bad for the guy. Also the heroine was just a bitch, she was apparently secretly in love with the hero forever and she was just plain mean to him the whole book, it was awful, every interaction she was rude to him. She also constantly jumped to conclusions that essentially made her scared of her own shadow for her whole life and when she found out the truth, and that she was doing that in all aspects of her life she didn’t change she continued to do it, it was just play silly and stupid on her part. I hate when authors write like this thinking it’ll be funny or show how strong the characters are but they do the opposite. It didn’t show love between the characters or even any development. This just isn’t good story telling and it made me kinda hate the female lead and feel sorry for the male. Why do some authors feel they need to portray women like this or continue on with these awful type of characters. For that matter why do reviewers feel like they need to rate every book so high, this book received only 4 and 5 star reviews and everyone said it was so good but it wasn’t at all. Now I know this is just my opinion but it seems like whenever you look a book up on amazon there are hardly any bad reviews anymore, you definitely can’t judge a book on reviews because it seems only 5 stars are given nowadays. I love reading and I’ll read anything but when the characters are superficial, under developed or just plain mean with no redeeming qualities in any part of the story it makes for a terrible story not worth reading. The female lead didn’t even apologize to anyone for her behavior and really she pretty well ruined her own fathers life it was just awful, I’m not even sure if she noticed, it was just ‘oh poor me’ all the damn time jeeze she needed to get a grip and grow up she was almost 30 years old! These situations do not make for a good read, it’s frustrating to read this kinda thing especially when the characters don’t learn and grow and prove themselves by the end. I know this doesn’t make for a good blog post and authors work so hard to write any kind of book but we spend our money and time reading their work as our entertainment we should be entertained or at the very least happy about what we read. I know not every book is going to be a win but it shouldn’t make me completely disappointed that I wasted my time on crap. I should be disappointed the book is over not that I even read it at all! I think that stories like this are possibly where romance novels get a bad name or at least part of it cause this was just poor writing in my opinion. Now all this being said obviously everyone has different tastes and some may love this kinda thing I did not and it actually made me pretty angry reading it, since I don’t not finish a book I had to see how it ended but it never redeemed its self to me, so it was really a fail for me. I don’t have many of these, I am usually pretty easy to please, so it hits me pretty hard when I find a book so awful. That is my rant for the day and it wasn’t nice and I don’t like to say bad things about something someone worked so hard on but I couldn’t just not say my piece, it is why I started a blog in the first place, to get rid of whatever emotions I have about the books I read. I am off to read something that may be a little on the darker side. Sorry for the unhappy vibes today

Happy Reading!

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