Book Review: The Return To Us Trilogy by M.K Gilher

 Well that was just delightful! If you are looking for something similar to Fifty Shades of Grey this could possible be up your alley! These books had that all-consuming love like you feel in fifty. I found some of the scenes reminiscent of Fifty but with this authors own spin on it, I wouldn’t say the scenes are exactly the same or anything like that just the same feel as Fifty. The  hero Jacade is one hot dominate man and the heroine Ivy is strong and supportive. This is kinda a Mafia book, I say kinda cause they aren’t really in the Mafia just a similar type of group. I read all these books in less than two days they were so intriguing. The author knows how to keep you interested and wanting to know what happens next, and as I understand it this is her debut series so she did very well for sure. I will say the very beginning did have very proper grammar which I found to be a little out of character for the story but that was only maybe the first two chapters then she got into a groove and it had more of a flow to it. These two characters were so good together and had that chemistry that all main characters should have, they just knew they were supposed to be together. The mystery and action were also really well done and well placed and made for some very good reading, it wasn’t just the hero saving his woman and they live happily ever after. She did some badass moves and saved him and stood by him during hard decisions, these are the kinda stories I love, not all women go running when shit gets tough, she totally backed up her man, which is the best kinda story to read. I will say I loved how strong Ivy is in this book but there is a difference between strong and stupid, when your Mafia type boyfriend tells you to do something when someone is out to get kill you then you do it no need to put up a fight right this minute you can fight about it later. I’m all for independent strong women but sometimes you do have to listen to your man or anyone who is keeping you safe. So that being said for her age I felt she was kinda acting ridiculous a few times like maybe someone younger may have, however nothing bad ever happened to her or anyone else when she disobeyed her “orders” so at least her stupidity in those cases didn’t hurt anyone. It’s nice to see a strong heroine who doesn’t constantly degrade herself about the relationship, she did have some self-conscious moments about her body but honestly that was real, what woman doesn’t have those moments. It was nice to read about real characters. This was a refreshing read I really enjoyed it, the way the story kinda came full circle and how they had first met so many years prior and finally get their happily ever after was so good to read. The mystery behind some of the characters was intriguing and some a little unfortunate. I don’t want to go into too much info on the story line cause it really is something you should discover on your own, that way you get to feel everything as it unfolds. I can say I recommend this series full on there really wasn’t any huge complaints from me, I definitely enjoyed it. Also it has a full-blooded Dominant Alpha Male how could you go wrong! Read this series for sure!

Just a sidebar the link at the top there is the bundle but I’ll add links for the individual books as well

REVIVAL (Return to Us Trilogy Book 1)

RECTIFY (Return to Us Trilogy Book 2)

REMEDY (Return to Us Trilogy Book 3)

Happy Reading!

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