Book Review: The Silver Swan by Amo Jones (The Elite King’s Club book 1)

 Oh My Goodness! Who is this author and why haven’t I read anything by her yet? This woman can tell a story, Holy Shit! I was blown away. This is what I have been searching for, scouring blogs and the internet for, WAITING for! And now I have to wait for the second book. I knew going in that there was a cliffhanger but I went in anyways because I was looking for this kind of intense read. But as far as I can tell the next one comes out in June and I just can’t wait that long! I may need to become a stalker of Amo Jones, however it looks like she a quite a few books out so maybe I can enjoy those in the meantime. I’ll just go on an Amo Jones reading binge! So about the book, I don’t want to give too much away cause this is a definite go in blind kinda book, man was it good. Ok enough gushing haha. So you have Madison Montgomery who moves to a new town, new school and her new stepbrother is part of the IT crowd. Turns out these boys are the Elite King’s Club and she attracts the eye of the leader of the group Bishop and there starts the story, drama and mystery. She makes a few friends of her own and she has never really had friends before so this is all new to her. These boys are big on playing “games” and she ends up being the center of this particular game. Ok So I don’t think I’ll say anymore other than my feelings and thoughts cause really you just need to read it. The mystery of this was just so good, it had you totally thinking about what the hell was going on and why these boys could be just so brutal, but then still kinda her friend, I don’t know how to describe that without giving anything away. The way this was written gave you the feels, you really felt what Madi was feeling fear, anger, lust, just everything she felt you feel reading it. Amo did a fantastic job creating this world and making you feel everything. I was questioning everyone and even now I’m questioning some of the characters and if they know more or are more a part of the story then they are letting on. Sometimes in the story I was definitely more angry then she was and would not have dropped my guard so easily or after a few things that happened my pants so easily haha. This is a YA and there are some steamy scenes and those scenes were done super well, but that being said a few times I feel like my emotions or I should say her emotions (ha ha ha) would have been way to scared and angry to just hop into bed with Bishop especially since he was the one who scared and angered her. However that didn’t take from the story it actually added so I’m not complaining. Toward the end it felt like everyone was giving her little bits of information and if she would have just paid attention and asked more questions she maybe could have pieced some stuff together a little quicker but she kinda just blew some of it off, and I was so invested in the mystery I was damn near screaming ask questions let figure this out! But for the most part it all comes as a shock to everyone, even the reader, how and what unfolds. I think I’ll stop there cause I really don’t want to give away anything and really I could talk so much more about this book but don’t want to take away from anyones experience. So I will leave you with this, there is a cliffhanger but it isn’t that bad compared to some, I really didn’t want the book to end though and wanted to continue in their world for way longer but unfortunately it had to end, I loved it ALL of it! You need to READ this one for sure everybody does PLEASE haha. Ok enough already just go read it if you enjoy the mystery, bully, intriguing type story! Happy Reading!

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