Book Review: Risky and Wild & Savage Racy By Blaze

  So I am doing this as a bundles review because it’s a series and I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who wants to read this series. This plot was actually a good one, but as I said in my review for the first one there was an awful lot of drama with the “this won’t ever work I’m not sure why we are together” B.S, and it was constant. In the third book in like two pages Violet said something about it about five times which is just too much. It got to be way too repetitive! Some can over look this but it really did get to me. Now that being said the plot, suspense, action and intrigue was all there for me so I did like that and enjoyed the process of it, and would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys MC romance. This author is actually C.M Stunich from what I understand and years ago I read some of her books under that name and I remember really enjoying a few of her reads, but a few of them I do remember having the repetitive jive to them. That being said she does tell a good story! I feel like some of the conflict in this series was added just to add drama and it really wasn’t needed, the story line had enough as it was, it didn’t need the added drama. Some of it also seemed a little unbelievable also, like I understand a 1% MC wouldn’t like lawyers however if she was the presidents old lady they would use that to their advantage not throw it constantly in her face. There would definitely be conflict about it but it shouldn’t have been such a huge deal throughout all three books. Especially since Violet proved herself over and over. This sounds so negative but I did enjoy the books and again I recommend them. So that being said here is some positive Violet is super badass when it comes to wielding a gun, she has it going on! Royal is also very badass but that’s what makes him the president and does that man know what to say to get the job done in ALL areas of his life! I think for me it would have been better if she could have just written the story instead of repeating so many thing over and over. So all this being said it was a decent read and anyone who likes MC romances should probably pick this one up like I said some parts were badass! Did I get a bit repetitive? Sorry EEK haha. Anyways Happy Reading!

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