Book Review: Raw and Dirty by Violet Blaze

Well I didn’t research that book very well! I was originally going to read Glacier by Violet Blaze however I realized it wasn’t the first installment  of this series so I figured may as well start the series off from the start to know how the MC life was started off like in this series. So I did, not realizing that the first book is actually a trilogy, which wouldn’t be so bad but I’m pretty sure in all three we will read over and over again how they want to be together but they just aren’t able to go the distance because of the difference in their lifestyles. Lyric is the mayor’s daughter and also the deputy mayor and Royal is the President of the Alpha Wolves MC, and this is where it all starts with the constant back and forth of we’ll never work out, we can’t be together blah blah blah. If that was cut out this actually would have been a decent story with decent build up of the world around them. But that being said the constant inner dialogue in both their heads about how they could possibly be together forever with their different backgrounds and different lifestyles but they could be falling in love blah once was enough it didn’t need to be in every single chapter! Ok so that rant out of the way, the story had a lot going on and a good story line. I actually did enjoy these two together and what awesome names! Royal is most definitely the hot british alpha male a president needs to be phew! Lyric is a little wishy-washy however the author could definitely have her grow and lose some of that negative attitude she has going on. Which in turn would actually end up making this series a really great read. But unfortunately I’m not sure if that is going to happen, after reading the synopsis for the next two books they seem to have the same theme of “we aren’t going to work we are from two different worlds” it even says it in both! Initially I was like where the hell is the ending I want to know where this goes damn it, well jokes on me I can always read the next two and find out. I may give it a go and see what happens, like I said the story and action in the book was good and kept my interest it was just that inner dialogue that got to me. Hopefully things straighten out in the next two. In all honesty the more I think about it the more I want to find out how things go, which is a good indication of a good story line! I am also not one to not finish a series so I think I am off to read the next installment! If you enjoy MC romance and can overlook the inner dialogue then give this one a go, I’ll let you know how the next ones go! Also here’s the trilogy reading order!

Raw and Dirty: A Motorcycle Club Romance (Bad Boys MC Trilogy Book 1)

Risky and Wild: A Motorcycle Club Romance (Bad Boys MC Trilogy Book 2)

Savage and Racy: A Motorcycle Club Romance (Bad Boys MC Trilogy Book 3)

Also it appears there is also a bundle, I didn’t realize!

Bad Boys MC Trilogy (3 Book Series)

Happy Reading!

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