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So I’ve read a few books this week that were meh. They were OK but maybe they weren’t exactly what I was in the mood for or maybe the characters just weren’t all there for me. Either way I had something to read, they just weren’t my great read I need to gush about to everyone hahaha. Anyhow I’ll give them a little review here just in case they are what others may be looking for!


 This book was OK……. I have read The Poughkeepsie Brotherhood Series (3 Book Series). I only read the first one years ago and plan to finish the series I just haven’t  gotten to it yet! It was years ago but I still remember the story being fantastic, suspenseful, great character development and so funny I was reading parts out loud to my boyfriend. So I figured ya I’ll give Beast a try, well the humor in this one was not nearly what I thought it would be. I get this was a shorter story but I think everything would have been more realistic and developed if she would have written it to be a bit longer. As for the actual story I did enjoy the plot I just wish it could have had a bit more build up. Again it was a short story so I understand that can’t always happen. However if you’re looking for a shorter read with a decent story this is a good one!

 Ah Tijan she can write! She truly makes you NEED to know what happens next! I have read a lot of her work, actually I think almost all of it. She definitely knows how to tell a story. My favorite of hers by far is The Original Crowd, I’m not sure why but I’ve read it like 3 times and I normally only reread Kristen Ashley! That being said I wasn’t wicked pleased with this heroine she was kinda a downer and kinda bitchy, for lack of a better word, she seemed to always be judging everyone around her and not really in a nice way. However I love mafia books they are like my book crack, I think I secretly want to be part of the mafia NOT a focal part just like a girlfriend or wife of a boss hahaha. So I loved the story and the suspense of it all, it was a great story in that sense. However the heroine did the typical runner at the end but couldn’t live with out the hero and it was him who had to suck up to her for them to be together again. So up until then I was in my mafia glory haha and loving the actual story line but all in all they got back together for the happily ever after. I do wish that Tijan would write a bit of a longer Epilogue but it finished off the story nicely and I really did enjoy the story, so I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves mafia!  P.S Tijan can write a sex scene but some of them can end up a bit generic not a big deal just putting it out there!

 So this is a totally new to me author I’m pretty sure and I think I’ll be reading the rest of this series. Yes that’s right its a series and it’s about rock stars! I have kinda been outta the rock star phase for a while now but I heard about this book and thought I’d be interested. Why not get back into the music and lifestyle of a rocker for a bit. This is the typical non-communication separation at the end kinda romance so if I gave out ratings for books it would have lost a rating right there. However the actual story was good and I enjoyed all the different aspects going on it actually made for a good read. I just feel a few things weren’t really cleared up and also the typical cookie cutter aspect does get to me. However the sex scenes were done well and the story line was pretty good. So definitely give this read a go and the series too they all sound like good guys so their stories should be interesting! Also the first book in this series is free right now so a great way to see if you’ll enjoy the series! I’ll add the links to the series below…… Also all the book covers for these books are links so you can buy them on amazon if your interested in the book! Happy reading and I think I am off to read a story that is a bit taboo but it’s got bikers so it should be good!

Blind Attraction (Reckless Beat Book 1)

Passionate Addiction (Reckless Beat Book 2)

Undesired Lust (Reckless Beat Book 3)

Sultry Groove (Reckless Beat Book 4)

Undeniable Temptation (Reckless Beat Book 5)

Apparently there is also a bundle so I’ll add that too! Who doesn’t love a bundle!

Reckless Beat (5 Book Series)

Happy Reading!






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