Book Review: Brutal by K.S Adkins

 I live in the shadows, ever watching. You never want to get a visit from me. Because if we do meet, you won’t remember it until it’s too late. My name is Venessa Cross, thanks for asking. I am justice. – Hello Bad Ass Heroine

I don’t remember how I found this book but man am I glad I did! And its a series yay! I can’t wait to see how the others make out in their books especially Tony but it looks like he’s the fourth book. So K.S Adkins must have been getting some flack for her writing cause she posted this on goodreads here’s a blurb:

But here’s the thing, I DO NOT write to make a living (although that would be tits) I write because I can’t not write. But there are author’s that do (lucky them) and maybe one day that will be me. But that day is not today.

So when a review goes from critical to cruel I do take issue with it. Especially when I catch on that it’s on behalf of others. Ladies, gentleman, aliens… whoever reads me chill the fuck out.

If you haven’t caught on yet with titles like BRUTAL, BRAWLER, BERSERK and wait for it… BALLISTIC I write over the top. I write things that I wish I could do. Take the law into my own hands? Fuck yeah, if I knew how but I don’t know how so I make shit up.

So with that being said for not being a writer as a living she writes really well! I applaud her, because writing can NOT be easy and having to take all our criticism is hard enough, people don’t need to be cruel! So that being said she did have a few mistakes with words missing and spelling errors but honestly even publishers miss shit so who can blame authors, people make mistakes. Meanwhile stuff like that doesn’t bother me, so to me, people need to get over it. As she said she writes over the top and it shows, some of it is a little far-fetched, but I read to be entertained I don’t mind a little unbelievable if it adds to the story, and I was more than entertained by this story. I loved it! She developed these characters so well and that’s the part that gets me in a story, that’s the part that I would complain about, but she made you feel these characters like you knew them. If the characters aren’t developed then you don’t have a story but not only were the characters there, so was a really great story line. It kept you intrigued, waiting, entertained, and then bam action! I can’t recommend reading Venessa and Rogan’s story enough, great read! I am off to read about Macy and Rafe now, cause how can I not continue with this series! Fanastic read!

P.S I didn’t give you much details cause I really think if you are going to read this you should EXPERIENCE everything for the first time reading it on your own, it would be more enjoyable that way!

P.S.S that blurb at the top if from the beginning and this next one if from then end. Intriguing I think so!

 My name is Venessa Cross, but you may remember me as Kharma. I stand up for those who can’t, and I’m making Detroit a safer place. You don’t ever want to find yourself on my radar, because now it’s not just me coming for you. I’ve got my team with me. If you thought I was dangerous before, you should know I’m even more dangerous now. Because now? I’ve got something to lose. My name is Venessa Cross. I am justice.

Here is the reading order also:

Brutal (Detroit After Dark Book 1)

Brawler (Detroit After Dark) (Volume 2)

Berserk (Detroit After Dark Book 3)

Ballistic (Detroit After Dark Book 4)

Also turns out there is a bundle I just found:

Detroit After Dark (4 Book Series)

Happy Reading!


Book Review: The Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden

 My last read of this past week was on the erotica side. It was just a novella so a quick read around 127ish pages. What drew me to this story was the nerd aspect, sometimes these are the funniest stories. Neighbors Camilla and Ivan are both smart and deal with nerdy jobs, but Ivan is the super smart one and kinda reminds you of the show The Big Bang Theory. I think that was what this author was going for and she did well with it. It did have its nerdy funny moments that remind you of the show. Where this story goes, though, with the relationship is not something you would see on Big Bang. Ivan is into BDSM, he is because he likes the control and the knowing end result, to what he put into place, kinda like his experiments. That being said it was hot, the scenes were well done and the writing was good, but something was missing for me. The author kinda made Ivan too clinical it made it seem that it really was just another science experiment which made it hard to believe this was a love story. This was also a friends to lovers story and it was nice to see that they enjoyed their friendship and it added to their relationship. Ivan likely needed that to sustain a submissive/girlfriend. He was pretty anal about a lot of stuff almost to the degree of Asperger’s syndrome so that’s why the BDSM lifestyle would work for him. But as I said something was missing he wasn’t a Dom outside of the bedroom, maybe that was it. I don’t know much about the lifestyle only what I have read in books so I have nothing to go of off here, but at some point vanilla or at least semi-vanilla sex should enter the equation, you can’t always use “props” and there was none of that here only when they said I love you did they ‘make love’ and to me that seemed unusual. I mean everyone has those middle of the night romps, you know the quick spooning sex or whatever you have the energy for in the middle of the night, or a quickie at least and I can’t imagine they didn’t have something like that. It didn’t need to be descriptive BDSM sex scenes for all the scenes, I think that would have helped ‘normalize’ them if you will ha. It was a decent story I just felt something was missing, but it was a short read so maybe that was part it. That being said it is part of a series and each book has new characters and I will be continuing on but only when I want to spice things up with an erotic novel ha. So if you’re looking for a BDSM novel this was a decent quick read look into this series. Happy reading!

A little blurb from one of the first times Ivan introduced BDSM to Camilla

In the absolute darkness, I clutched at his words like a lifeline. I reminded myself I’d chosen to try this, that I could stop if I wanted to. Only then did I realize it might well be an addiction in the making, because although I told myself I could stop, I knew I didn’t want to get to that point. I would let it continue because now I wanted to see what came next. Whether it was the science, or the sex, or simply the sheer weirdness of it all, I was hooked. 


Book Review: Restoring Hope by CP Smith

 Oh CP smith I love her work she knows how to write a great story with strong characters and a strong story line. Her males are usually Alpha and we all know I love a good Alpha haha. I have read every book from this author and this was the last one I had to read but I think it was actually the first novel she ever published but I’m not sure. This book was a little disjointed it was told in alternate point of views and even a few of the side characters had some parts, but none of it was pointed out so one character was talking then in the next paragraph someone else was talking and you had to guess who it was. It got to be a bit confusing but throughout reading you kinda get into it and realize the different characters voices. Hope is the heroine and she has had such a tough life, I really felt for her through the story, if there ever was someone who deserved her own happy it was her. She lost her family at 12 went into foster care then got married to a monster and ended up running from the evil that was his family which ends her up in New Orleans.

The whole area gave her a sense of wonder and excitement, and the thousands of tourists who came daily helped her feel anonymous. A person could get lost here, never to be found, she’d thought. It was a perfect place for someone like her who needed to hide.

You can feel how desperate she is to hide and stay hidden from the awful life she had been living. She is strong and has fight left in her she has just been beaten down too much. Enter Nic Beuve he has his own problems and is kinda self wallowing, but who wouldn’t, his oldest daughter overdosed and he couldn’t save her and places the blame full on his shoulders. These two characters needed each other more than most. They actually ended up bringing the others true self out and it was wonderful to watch them grow together.

“Just so you know, I’m gonna kiss you now. You’re gonna protest, and I’m tellin’ you right fuckin’ now it’ll do no good.”

True Alpha form my friends! Swoon worthy moments from Nic for sure. The side characters were also well written and a good addition. Especially Miss Rose the local meddler and the one who set the whole “getting them together” thing in motion but she only had love in sight and these two needed it more than many.

      “Angel, I’ve had a glimpse of heaven and tasted paradise, if you think I’d be any place else you’d be wrong.”

This author always says she believes in insta-love and she is one author that sets the stage so well you almost don’t realize it’s insta-love, you just feel like they were meant to be together. Very well done each and every time. The story had fantastic flow, great characters, side characters that added to the story, suspense and great action. All what I look for in a story. This novel was well written it had a few problems with the dialogue not being plain who was speaking but in all her other books she worked that out. All in all another good read from CP Smith! Happy Reading!

 “How come you never showed me this side before?”

“You were too busy looking over your shoulder to see what was right in front of you.”

“What was right in front of me?”

“Your future, angel, all six foot two inches of him,” Nic explained then brushed his lips across hers until she opened her mouth.


Book Review: The Coppersmith Farm House by Devney Perry

 I did a bunch of reading last week and should have reviewed as soon as I was done reading but I had the craving to just read so that’s what I did. Hopefully I can do these reviews justice since it’s been a few days haha. So this book is Devney Perry’s debut novel from what I can understand and she actually did very well for a first novel. I can imagine, as she writes she is going to become a top seller since she did so well on this novel. She has the story line down but it also had a few total romance novel clichés that didn’t need to be added cause the story held its own without adding those in. I liked the idea of Gigi being such a kind person that a man she befriended and died left her a house for a new beginning and that’s what she gets is a new beginning . This is where the story starts with her moving into the farmhouse. Gigi is a single mom to a wonderful little girl who stole the show a few times, I love stories with single parents, I don’t know why but it really does draw my attention. She is also a nurse and this is where she meets the hero Jess, who happens to be a bit of a jerk to her at the beginning.

       “Are you about done drooling over me so you can finish patching him up?” he snapped.

So this was the first thing we hear outta Jess’ mouth and you are definitely thinking boy what a dick. I totally thought we were in for one of those jerky hero novels, which I actually also love, but that wasn’t really the case. He was under the impression that she was a gold digger but we never get that scene of him being out of line and her putting him in his place, which is something that I was looking forward to because Gigi was that strong heroine that would have stood up for herself and done just that. Instead Jess figures it out and makes out to get forgiveness for his original assholerey (not a word I know but I love it ha). Which is where the story goes from there and he does make up for it but has a few moments of jerkiness. They were a cute couple together, I did have a hard time with his name being Jess, for some reason I just kept thinking that was the heroine even though I knew her as Gigi but that was probably just me. The suspense was good and I enjoyed the action, she did very well with this aspect and it added to the story line for sure and it brought the story from ok to good for me especially since I didn’t know who the “bad guy” was till it came time to see it. I think the author was going for the dominant Alpha male character with Jess, especially being the sheriff she landed that a bit, but there was something missing that didn’t give him that final push to being the strong dominant character so many authors hit bang on, she did very well for her first novel though. He was a great character and totally swoon worthy.

“Worried about you, baby,” he murmured before leaning in and giving me a soft, gentle kiss on the lips. 

See totally swoon! Gigi was a strong character too however I feel like the author got lost a few times between the clichés and independence. She had the strong down she didn’t need to add the random low self-esteem, which the character didn’t have just in the well placed areas to help the story, but in my eyes it actually hindered the story. It just wasn’t needed and since the character was strong she would have stood up for herself and never allowed those instances factoring into her life later on. Again though this was a first novel and the author was bound to get caught up in a few places. All in all I’d recommend this story it is was a good read for a debut and an author to look out for, for sure, I see her doing really well even in her next book. Definitely a good debut read, pick it up! Happy Reading!


Review: The Chapelwick Mysteries Series by Kitty French

  So I read both of these books in the past 2 days so I’m just posting the reviews together, because so far they are pretty similar. I liked the story, it isn’t really paranormal more just Melody can see and talk to ghost. So it doesn’t really seem that out there of a concept. So it starts of by Melody starting her own “ghost-busting” business, but really she is more of an investigator into why these ghost are still around and haunting the places. It’s all rather interesting and with the mystery it actually takes time even for the reader to figure out the ‘who did it’ mystery. And I love that, I hate knowing the whole book who was the culprit! They call this a cozy mystery, I wasn’t sure what that was till I started this, now I’m only speculating but I think it’s the nobody get hurt in the process of figuring it out kinda thing. Now it has British humor and Melody had some pretty funny thoughts running through her head, she also kinda got a little lost in her funny thoughts which was quite entertaining at times.

                              ” Fletcher Gunn just made me girly”

Melody is more the skinny jeans and converse, strong-willed kind of girl. She is actually a pretty good character. She has a fiery Sicilian best friend Marina and that girl has Melody’s back no matter what. Everyone deserves a friend like her cause she picks Melody up when needed, jokes when needed and hugs when needed. Some of her uplifting speeches were something every best girlfriend should say to their friend in need, she was an absolute awesome side character. Now Artie I think he was my favorite and he’s coming out of his shell more throughout the books and I think he’ll end up a super funny addition. I find myself kinda wanting him and Marina to end up together just cause they are kinda cute together. Fletcher Gunn the potential love interest is another fantastic character and so far there haven’t been any real sexy times but their chemistry is of the charts people. I’m finding this build up to actually add to the story, I’m happy they didn’t just jump into bed together, when they do it is going to be explosive. I haven’t read anything else by Kitty French but I heard she can write a steamy scene so all this build up will make it even better.

     ‘I promise not to make a fool of you,’ he murmurs, and his hand slides up the side of my neck until his fingers massage into my hair. ‘Or hurt you, or destroy your heart the way he did.’

He’s pretty swoon worthy and has dirty talk down too! There are also additional characters that add to the story, the ex-boyfriend ghost-hunter, the crazy Gran, the meddling mother and the crazy pug. Some stuff kinda pisses you of cause you feel like you’re in her shoes while your reading and other stuff makes you think ‘what is really happening here’, but everything always adds to the story. I never was left wondering what was happening or where was she going with this, the suspense was decent too, it was good writing and really good storytelling. I would say this was on the light and easy side of reading but I did still enjoy it and am going to read the next in the series when it comes out. Good job Kitty French I may just have to look into other work from you. Enjoy and Happy Reading!



Book Review: Saint by A. Zavarelli

 OK can we start this post of with hello awesome book cover! I was very unsure if I wanted to read this book, I’ve read all other 3 books in this series and really enjoyed the writing from A. Zavarelli. Of course the whole mob story line for me is always a plus, but I wasn’t sure if I’d like this one. Scarlett was pretty hardcore in the other books and I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy her story as much and for the first little bit I had a hard time with her. However I was recommended to read this from a fellow blogger and all of her reviews of the other books were spot on so I had to give this one a go. In the end I really did enjoy this one, but I have got to say I had a lot of conflicted emotions throughout and I honestly wasn’t sure I would end up having much good to say about this one. Turns out the story redeemed itself and I ended up actually enjoying the story. So lets start on my emotions for this story, I had a very hard time connecting with Scarlett at the beginning. She was very much lost to her own hate and revenge that I didn’t see her coming away from that or even growing up into the strong woman she had raised herself to be. When she was younger she had an extremely traumatic situation happen to her, it was awful, but by the time it was described I didn’t feel it gave it justice to how awful it all was. Honestly it probably should have been the prologue so we understood why she was so damaged and filled with hate and revenge. As for some of her actions I just didn’t understand them, she could have asked Rory for help, I get that she was a ‘lone wolf’ but honestly your around the mafia you’d think to pick up some pointers. I think she was so blind to her rage that she couldn’t think past that and was making very irrational decisions and kinda stuck in her trauma that she made very naive choices. Like for instance when she finally realized Rory is in the mafia and could be of some help to her she doesn’t go about it in a smart way she uses him and essential fucks things up, but that’s not even enough to smarten her up and learn from it she is just blind to everything around her it seems. This is why I think she was still suck in the naive teenager stage of her life, she had street smarts I’ll give you that, but she was so used to drugging her “victims” that she didn’t really understand anything beyond that. This is where help from Rory would have come in extremely well, she could have learned a lot. He said something about her control issues running so deep that they actually made her vulnerable and that was when I started to understand Scarlett a bit more and it started to turn the book around for me. Her need for control was holding her back from so much even her revenge. Don’t get me wrong for a while there I thought Rory was WAY to good for Scarlett, hello Saint, because he needed to put up with a lot of her shit to get to the Scarlett he loved but he put up a damn good fight.

“Scarlett, I like you. But I don’t take orders from anyone. So ye need to get that through your fucking head before you speak to me like that again.”    

Oh Rory the good old boy always smiling and joking and having a great time, but don’t be fooled, he stood up for himself when needed and he has one hell of a temper. And he wanted Scarlett and he was going to fight for her even if he had to fight her to get her!

                     “I won’t let you ruin this before it even gets started.”

He put up with a lot from her and at the beginning I thought too much. But really she needed someone to save her and that someone needed to be as strong as Rory. She really should have had therapy not just her revenge therapy, I mean that helped but for anyone that goes through something like that they need to realize who they are without the blinding rage.

“You won’t use me to punish yourself,” he says. “Whatever crazy notion you’ve got up in that head of yours, let it go now. Relax. You have the control to tell me to stop whenever ye want, sweetheart. And I will. But trust me a little, can ye?”

Now this is when things started to turn around a bit for me, Scarlett started to let him in a bit, not a lot but enough to see a bit of a decent Scarlett start to come out. She started to make better choices and the story started to pick up. Then the story came to some suspense and then the action, one thing I can say about A. Zavarelli is she knows how to pack the action and it is always really well done. In the end I turned out to enjoy Scarlett, and Rory was awesome the whole book. It was nice to catch up a bit with the other characters since its been awhile since I read the other books. The story ended up keeping me wanting the whole way even when I was fed up with Scarlett’s behaviour. So all in all a good addition to the series! The epilogue could have been a bit more in-depth with Scarlett’s revenge over and new life beginning, maybe she could have been a small help to Rory in some way since she was kinda badass. However a decent read and not only was Rory all kinds of awesome the sexy times were pretty good also. Well done on the series so far A. Zavarelli definitely a series I’ll continue and I’m glad I read this one!

Boston Underworld reading order:

CROW (Boston Underworld Book 1)

REAPER (Boston Underworld Book 2)

GHOST (Boston Underworld Book 3)

SAINT (Boston Underworld Book 4)

There also looks to be a bundle too:

Boston Underworld (4 Book Series)

Happy Reading!



Who is your Ultimate Alpha Male?

So we all know them and we all love them! The ultimate Alpha male! I have a few go-to authors that I know they can deliver a really good story but most of all a hot Alpha to lust after during the read. Of course my top pick for this is Kristen Ashley she always delivers, if I need an Alpha pick me up I just grab anything by her. Aurora Rose Reynolds, C.P Smith, Layla Frost and Lani Lynn Vale also write a great Alpha story. Now I am talking the sexy, possessive, dominant (especially in bed), hard to love but love the hardest Alpha. I’m not talking Book Boyfriend here although some could end up in that category too but I’m looking for the top Alpha Male characters. Now this could actually be broke down to a few different categories. You got your ultimate alpha, menage alphas, paranormal alphas, bad boy alpha, and even dark alpha. I’ll break them down as best as I can with my preferences but I want to hear others preferences too so if you are reading this re-blog or send it to people you know who love to read, so maybe we can all discover new alphas! Because seriously can you ever get enough of Alphas! Now I’m going to say that I’m not adding Christian Grey and Gideon Cross because everyone knows them and loves them and obviously they are part of the ultimate list but I’m looking for new Alphas!

My Favorite of all time Alpha is probably Hector Chavez from Rock Chick Regret, Kristen Ashley’s Rock Chick series, which is laugh out loud funny, suspenseful, and at times heart wrenching.

The Ultimate Alpha I would say is likely Ty Walker and that’s because I couldn’t choose between him and Hector haha. Ty is from Lady luck again by Kristen Ashley. The Colorado Mountain Man series is a little more suspense with really great stories and hot Alphas.

Menage Alphas The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton, fantastic, heart wrenching, beautiful book. Also A Table for Three by Lainey Reese is another ultimate Alphas very erotic.

Paranormal Alpha this one is kinda hard cause really most paranormal males are alphas and I don’t read a lot of them but I’ll try my best. Zsadist from Lover Awakened would be what a lot of people would say but he was more the tortured Alpha. A series that had a lot of alphas is Bewitched and Bewildered by Alanea Alder. Good series funny with suspense and a carried on story line.

Bad Boy Alpha is kinda a hard one since most Alphas are a little bad, or a lot. But I’m going to go with a Young Adult book. Nero by Sarah Brianne had a good story line to it but Nero was definitely alpha and when he gets older I can not even imagine how Alpha he’ll be!

Dark Alpha, now this is a hard category for me cause I really don’t read a lot of dark romance, barely ever cause it really pisses me off for a good portion of the story. I guess I’d have to go with Caleb from Captive in the Dark by CJ Roberts. It ended up a good story but a bit hard to see the end with everything she was going through but in the end he did redeem himself.

Sexy Alpha, of course all Alphas are sexy but Brian Ross from Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn takes it to a whole new level. The things that man says are super hot and so sexy!

I could probably continue with the ultimate mob Alpha, biker alpha and so on but I was doing this list from memory. I wanted to do a list of the Alphas that have stayed in my mind even after years of reading and many books in between. So this is what I came up with, I probably could have made this list out of only Kristen Ashley books but of course this isn’t just a post of all Kristen haha. So there you have it please comment or contact me with your ultimate Alphas I can’t wait to hear everyone’s choices.