I love reading!

I love reading! I have been reading for ages however a few years ago I got into reading romance novels and boy did it change how much I read. I started just devouring books! I read everything I could get my hands on and loved it. However as I got older….maybe? or just because I had read so many, I started to realized I needed a certain kind of story. I am normally not picky about what I read it can be anything, a biography, a true crime, non-fiction, or even fiction, so long as it had a fantastic story that kept me engaged I read it and loved it and still do. However when I started reading romance I found that some authors could just write a story that kept me entertained, and that was something I fell in love with so I cautiously started reading more and then more. Then came Fifty Shades of Grey and wow did I ever discover a whole new level of romance and I jumped in full on.But years later I am discovering that maybe I am becoming too choosy with what I want to read maybe I’ve been spoiled with some of the authors I love and maybe they just don’t write fast enough haha. I love authors like Kristen Ashley, Layla Frost, Aurora Rose Reynolds, CP Smith, Lani Lynn Vale, Tara Sivec and so many more. The thing I love about these authors are their fantastic Alpha’s and the story they weave around them is always just so much more then you can ever imagine and you feel like you know the characters or want to meet them and befriend them. Of course the fact that they write fantastic steamy bedroom scenes has me hooked even more. So because of the high bar these authors have set and how much I adore their story telling I am finding it extremely hard to find my next read that isn’t eye roll educing or the typical romance novel outline, you know where they spend damn near the whole book saying in their head I’m not good enough or why would he want to be with me and then at the last portion of the book they break up for some reason that would never have happened if they just would have talked and communicated. I don’t hate these stories I just find them so similar and that type of angst just isn’t the kind of angst I’m looking for. I would rather read something with suspense angst or just regular relationship angst that come with everyday living. This is why I enjoy Kristen Ashley so much she normally throws some sort of angst in there but it isn’t the typical protocol romance novel angst, and THAT is what I am now looking for in my reads! So this is why I have decided to start a blog, I need help haha, I also need a place to rave about my favorites and help others find the ultimate reads or have others help me find the ultimate read! I want my blog to be more then just reviews and new releases. I want it to be conversations about loving a book or not so much loving it, and recommendations, I NEED recommendations of absolutely loved books so I can also discover them. So to some this up I want to get a following of people who love romance as much as I do and have read something spectacular that they just have to share! Something that isn’t your typical romance, or maybe is but is done so well it blows this genre out of the park. Something that has fantastic characters with such a well written story. Something that keeps a smile on our face and our searches looking for the same story to make our hearts feel good all over again. All this being said I’m sure you can take from it that I only read HEA. I read to get away from everyday life and into a story of fun, love, and good times so you will not find any non-HEA on here. I also typically don’t read cliffhangers until the whole duel or series is finished my heart just can’t take the wait, I also read so many books that sometimes by the time the next book comes out I’ve forgotten I was waiting for it! Thanks for taking the time to read this and please leave a comment and lets start discussing books I need my next great read!


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